Who sings BBL Drizzy and is it AI generated? Origins of viral Metro Boomin smash hit explored

Metro Boomin samples King Willonius
Metro Boomin samples King Willonius 's track in BBL Drizzy (Image via metroboomin and kingwillonius/Instagram)

As the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar comes to a standstill, Metro Boomin’ BBL Drizzy continues to garner traction online. Recently, artist King Willonius took to X to reveal that the music producer sampled a portion of his creation in the now-famous Drizzy diss track. Metro also took to the social networking site to acknowledge the same.

For those uninitiated, Metro Boomin released BBL Drizzy to diss the Toronto-based rapper. The name of the instrumental song was inspired by Rick Ross, who first coined the term while throwing shade at Drake for allegedly getting plastic surgery.

Following the release of the song, Metro told followers that he would release a “beat” and reward $10,000 to whoever created suitable lyrics for the instrumental track. At the time of writing this article, a winner for the same was not chosen.

As the BBL Drizzy contest continues to take social media by storm, King Willonius took to X to reveal that Metro Boomin had sampled a portion of the former’s work in the aforementioned song. King Willonius, who also goes by the moniker of Avocado Papi on social media, revealed on May 5:

“That was dope that Metro Boomin sampled BBL Drizzy. The fact that I, an unknown comedian made an impact in this historical rap beef is kinda cool. I wish he would’ve tagged me tho. It is what it is.”

King Willonius often uses artificial intelligence to create music that responds to pop-culture moments. He did the same for the latest Drake-diss track, where one could also hear a voice in the track that croons:

“I'm thicker than a Snicker/ I'm thicker than your ninja/ Don't act like you don't know me/ These yams deserve a trophy/ Baby it ain't no mystery/ Got the best BBL in history/ This cake will make you show up/ I know you see this glow up/ As BBL Drizzy”

“I had an advantage over a lot of my peers- King Willonius reveals what it is like to use AI in creation of songs like BBL Drizzy

King Willonius’ real name is Willonious Hatcher. Not only has he amassed a reputation online for creating impressive songs by using artificial intelligence, but he is also a veteran club comic.

He has amassed over 25k on Instagram, where he has promoted his songs including tracks like Bel-Air, Welcome to Miami, Don’t Say It, Euphoria and Where Them Abs From among others.

Speaking about what it was like to toggle with AI to create songs like the Drake-diss track, Willonius said in a recent interview with Vulture:

“When I first got introduced to tools like ChatGPT, it unlocked all my creativity. Honestly, it felt like I had an advantage over a lot of my peers, just in the ability to create a warp speed.”

He also revealed in the interview that “a lot of trial and error” goes into the creation of music while using AI. He revealed that he came up with multiple renditions for the Drake-diss track before releasing his own song that eventually got used in Metro Boomin’s song.

Speaking about what he thought about Metro Boomin’s version of his track, Willonius revealed that he believed that Metro “did an excellent job.” Metro also took to X to respond to Hatcher’s aforementioned tweet.

Metro hilariously expressed gratitude towards Hatcher for contributing to a moment in history. The legendary artist also asked his fans to share some love for Hatcher.

Despite Willonious creating a segment of the popular diss track, BBL Drizzy, he told The Guardian that he is not siding with Kendrick Lamar or attempting to be “mean.” He revealed that the song was simply “meant to add levity to both sides.”

The AI-created song comes in the midst of K. Dot and Drake disputing over the latter using AI in his tracks. Drake came under fire by Kendrick after the former used AI to generate the voices of Snoop Dogg and late rapper Tupac Shakur in his song Taylor Made Freestyle.

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