Below Deck season 11 episode 11: Recap and more details explored 

The Below Deck season 11 crew (Image via Instagram/@belowdeckbravo)
The Below Deck season 11 crew (Image via Instagram/@belowdeckbravo)

Episode 11 of Below Deck season 11 centered around Chef Anthony Iracane's firing by Captain Kerry after the former struggled while catering to a demanding charter.

The episode, which aired on Bravo on April 22, added yet another member to its list of fired personnel after bosun Jared Woodin and stew Cat Baugh were sent packing previously because of their inability to manage the workload.

Apart from Chef Anthony's firing, the recent episode also saw the feud between Fraser and Barbie growing, Sunny's increasing discomfort with Ben's attitude towards the new recruit, Paris, and the crew scrambling to meet the needs of a demanding group of guests.

Why was Chef Anthony Iracane fired from Below Deck season 11 episode 11?

Since the beginning of the season in February, Anthony's struggles to feed the whole yacht were apparent. In the initial episodes, the restaurant owner even complained about having to manage the whole kitchen single-handedly. He compared it to his life back home, where he had helpers at his disposal.

The French Chef, who was unable to deliver on time many times in the past on Below Deck, reached a threshold in episode 11 after the guests were left unhappy with the food. Captain Kerry then decided to take the firm step of firing him. However, his respect for the restauranteur showed as he said:

"This is not the right environment for you, mate. You're not flourishing here... If I keep you here any longer, I'm going to set you up for disaster. I'm doing you a favor."

The Captain's decision left Anthony in disbelief, which he voiced by saying that it was because this was his first-ever firing. The Captain comforted him saying he respected him a lot, adding that the yacht just wasn't the right place for him. In a confessional, the Captain revealed more reasons to let Anthony go when he said,

"The crew was starting to notice where the chef was failing us. If I keep this guy any longer, morale will be terrible, and I can't have that."

What else happened on episode 11 of Below Deck season 11?

The previous episode of Below Deck saw tensions brewing between Fraser and Barbie because the latter thought she had to work the hardest, while the former tried to explain that wasn't the case. This episode saw their problems intensify as Barbie raised a toast about their feud in front of the whole crew, asking for their apology.

The turn of events led to Fraser going to the Captain asking him to fire Barbie, who refused to listen to him. The Captain offered to talk to Barbie instead. After he sat down with the stew, he advised her to keep her emotions aside and act as a professional, something he told Fraser to follow as well.

Then came Sunny's trouble with Ben's inclination towards the new stew, Paris, who came in as a replacement for Cat Baugh. Her dislike for the new girl was apparent when she refused to let Paris tag along with her and Ben as they were heading out for a smoke. She then voiced her concerns about Ben touching Paris inappropriately in front of everyone.

When she asked Ben if they were an "item" yet, he said no. However, he said he remained optimistic about their future. When she returned to the boat, she told Barbie, Anthony, and Dylan about their conversation and called it "full of sh*t".

New episodes of Below Deck season 11 come out every Monday, on Bravo, at 9 pm ET.

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