Below Deck season 11 episode 13: Recap and more details explored 

The Below Deck season 11 crew (Image via Instagram/@belowdeckbravo)
The Below Deck season 11 crew (Image via Instagram/@belowdeckbravo)

Viewers following Below Deck season 11 were waiting for episode 13 more than any other episode because it marked the arrival of the new Chef after Anthony Iracane was fired last week. Nick Tatlock was introduced as the new chef on the episode, which aired on April 29, on Bravo.

Apart from Nick's introduction, the episode saw some unexpected turns that made it more exciting. Barbie confided in her frenemy Fraser, while Ben made his intentions clear to Sunny.

The new charter consisted of social media influencers, who demanded that everything be Instgrammable, including the dishes. After Barbie's rendezvous with Kyle, she was mad at him for talking to the boys about their relationship and mad at Ben for interfering in their affairs.

What happened on episode 13 of Below Deck season 11?

Barbie and Kyle woke up together

The episode opened with the morning hitting St. David, as Barbie and Kyle woke up next to each other. Barbie warned Kyle to keep the night just between them. When they meet the crew though, Fraser was the first one to go,

"Did you guys have a sleepover? Did you make sweet love?"

His claims were denied by Barbie, but the crew teased them anyway, saying they heard weird noises at night. Barbie asked them to "shut up" and was disappointed that her dad was going to be mad at her for sleeping with someone on camera.

The new chef

Chef Nick Tatlock has 22 years of experience in the yachting industry, as per what he said, which made Sunny label him as "old." Captain Kerry said he was expecting a seamless chef experience this time around, after encountering problems with Anthony in the previous weeks, and hoped that Nick's experience really stands out.

It didn't, because Nick made a blunder on his very first try on Below Deck. With the preference sheet clearly asking for a seafood spread, Nick went for lamb chops after getting done with the Octopus Nachos.

The news immediately reached Captain Kerry through Fraser, who asked Nick to make amends. Luckily, his experience came in handy, as he quickly made some scallops and ticked the preference sheet.

Ben tries to go back to an ex, then clarifies his intentions to Sunny

Even though Ben Willoughby sparked his chemistry with Sunny on season 11 of Below Deck, he still isn't over Camille. On episode 13, he video-called her and told her he wanted to visit Florida to see her, but it wasn't met with the response he was hoping for. Camille hesitated and said, "Oh, I don’t know".

Sunny cried when she saw pictures of Camille on Ben's stories, which he had just posted. Crying, she went to Barbie and Paris, who confronted Ben for hurting her. Ben maintained that he did nothing wrong, then decided to set things straight with Sunny. He told her,

"I don’t think we’re attached to each other whatsoever."

Sunny told the girls about it and said she understood where he came from. The girls comforted her while she cried, and called Ben a "d*ckhead" for doing that to their friend.

Chef Nick impresses the Instagram-conscious guests

With the Below Deck episode 13 guests wanting the food dishes to be Instagram-friendly, Chef Nick was under pressure. However, he ultimately managed to please everyone, delivering to perfection.

Nick made "The Feast of Seven Fishes" an Italian Christmas dish, that didn't only impress the guests but also bagged validation from the Captain. Kerry said, "Happy captain, happy life".

Barbie confides in Fraser

Barbie Pascual regretted her fling with Kyle because she felt sad about disappointing her dad. She went to Fraser asking for a day off because of the same. She broke down when Fraser asked if she was okay, and told him she didn't want her dad to be mad.

Fraser comforted her saying sleeping with someone on Below Deck was okay, and that they were all accepting of it. He even joked that he was a bit jealous, which made her laugh.

New episodes of Below Deck season 11 drop every Monday, on Bravo, at 9 pm ET.

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