Below Deck Season 11: Why did Capt. Titheridge fire chef Anthony Iracane? Details explored 

Chef Anthony Iracane from Below Deck season 11 (Image via Instagram/@anthony_iracane_)
Chef Anthony Iracane from Below Deck season 11 (Image via Instagram/@anthony_iracane_)

The latest episode of Below Deck season 11 saw Captain Titheridge let go of Chef Anthony Iracane.

Anthony was fired from his job after he failed to live up to the expectations of Capt. Titheridge and underperformed during more than one meal service. As a result, the captain had no other alternative than to let the Chef go.

Chef Anthony Iracane's journey through Below Deck season 11 was not smooth sailing. The French culinary professional's dismissal came after he failed to arrange for any pork-based preparations and served a vegetable salad instead for the luxury yacht's most recent primary guest. Moreover, Chef Anthony couldn't meet another guest's expectation of a late-night dish of lobster grilled cheese.

Chef Anthony's shortcomings led to serious repercussions in the latest episode when the crew received the lowest tip in the entire season 11 of Below Deck, with just $17,250 to divide among the crew members. Let's find out the details of this incident.

Below Deck season 11 chef Anthony Iracane's dismissal and more details explored

Below Deck season 11 chef Anthony Iracane was dimissed from his service onboard the luxury yacht after he crumbled under the pressure to keep the chartered guests happy. His underwhelming performance was noticed by the crew members as the team as a whole suffered from his lapses as head chef. Things escalated when Chief Stew Fraser Olender spoke up about the poor state of affairs in a confessional on the April 22 episode.

"This is embarrassing. Is it because of the food? I'm gonna say yes," Chief Fraser Olender stated.

Capt. Kerry Kitheradge eventually had to take matters into his own hands and summon Anthony to the bridge of the ship to discuss his service onboard the ship.

"I think you're an incredible chef, you're food is absolutely amazing, but you're starting to kind of nose-dive. I'm seeing guests not satisfied with elements of what you're doing. You're not flourishing here, if I keep you here any longer, I'm setting you up for disaster. I'm doing you a favor," The Captain told Anthony.

Anthony did not take this criticism of his service positively. At first, he retorted back by saying:

"I don't really know what you're talking about. So why are people telling me every day that I'm the most amazing chef in the world?"

However, Anthony had to accept the news that his services were no longer required on Below Deck season 11. It is needless to say he was hit hard by the setback to his career, especially since he claimed to have never been fired before.

"I'm like shocked. That's not real. It's not possible," Anthony admitted in a confessional.

Captain Kitheradge was nevertheless resolute in his decision. At one point in the episode during his confessional, he mentioned:

"It's heartbreaking. I don't like this at all. The crew are starting to notice where the chef is failing us. If I keep this guy any longer, morale will be terrible, and I can't have that."

When Below Deck star Fraser dropped in to pay Anthony a visit in the kitchen, he found the latter reeling from the shock and in tears. For a moment, Fraser was struck by feelings of guilt for having advised the captain to let Anthony go.

"To see him in so much pain for something that I feel like I aided is really difficult. I'll love that boy forever. But right now, the job is more important and he's not right for the job right now," Fraser clarified.

Below Deck season 11 airs every Monday at 9 PM ET on Bravo.

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