"Crying like a widow"— Love Island USA fans react to Aaron crying during latest elimination

Love Island USA season 6 star Aaron
Love Island USA season 6 star Aaron (Image via Instagram/@loveislandusa)

Love Island USA aired a new episode on Sunday, June 23, 2024, which featured a double elimination. Although America voted for which couples to be safe, the three couples with the least number of votes were deemed unsafe and were at risk of being sent home.

The contestants then had to decide who they wanted to send home and Andrea and Hakeem were voted off the villa. The female cast member's elimination caused havoc in the house, as her partner Rob wanted to leave the show with her. However, he was not the only contestant who was upset, as Aaron was upset by possibly losing his friend in the process and emotionally questioned the cast's decision to send Andrea home.

Fans of the Peacock show took to social media to react to the segment and commented on Aaron's emotional response. One person wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter):

"Not Aaron crying like a widow #loveislandusa"
"If Aaron's annoying a** is so pissed about Ron leaving, why don't he go with him then tf #loveislandusa," another person wrote.
"Aaron yelling at the girls because his boyfriend robs gf is going home...WATCH YOUR F*CKING TONE B*TCH #loveislandusa," a fan wrote.

Some Love Island USA season 6 fans even urged Aaron to leave the show:

"Aaron begging Rob to stay and yelling at the girls for not choosing Andrea. Sir, are you in love with Rob or Kaylor. You doing all this for Rob take you "I fancy you" a** home with him. Like damn STFU......#loveislandusa," a fan wrote.
"I knew not to like Aaron's annoying a**, yall was calling him a girls girl like he was getting the most buck with them. F*ck outta here for real #loveislandusa," another fan wrote.
"Aaron sobbing like Rob just got shot & being mad at Jana was saved...oh brother #loveislandusa," a person wrote.

On the other hand, Love Island USA fans praised Olivia and Leah for standing up to Aaron during the elimination ceremony:

"Aaron you annoying mouth breather i hope liv punches you in the mouth. matter fact, i hope she slaps every man that had something to say about the girls’ decision. how dare you make my girl feel less than. #loveislandusa," a fan wrote.
"Leah and Liv honestly said it for us all cause why tf are the boys tryna throw indirect shots at Jana ESPECIALLY Aaron like boy your next don't pmo #loveislandusa," another fan wrote.

Aaron gets into a screaming match with the female cast over latest Love Island USA elimination

In the latest episode of Love Island USA season 6, the female cast members were tasked with eliminating a female islander while the men did the same with the male cast members.

When it was revealed that the female cast members picked Andrea as their choice, the house erupted into chaos as Rob wondered "what the f*ck" was going on and why they would dump his partner. The male cast member, who was certain that he would leave the show if Andrea left, got emotional and Aaron tried to convince him to stay.

As Rob and Aaron exchanged looks, the latter repeatedly said "no" while Rob said he couldn't stay.

"Please, please, please. Wait, Rob," Aaron said.

Rob told the Love Island USA male cast member not to "do this" to him and told him how much he loved his friend and noted that they would meet outside the show. Aaron sobbed into his arms and asked him to stay. Seeing that he was unable to convince his friend, Aaron questioned the female cast members' decision.

"Is it he's got the strongest connection in here? He's got one of the strongest connections in here. Why would you literally knock Andrea out?" Aaron questioned.

Olivia tried to explain to the Love Island USA season 6 islander that it wasn't easy for them and that the girls didn't want to send anyone home. Aaron noted that the decision made "no sense". Serena also chimed in and said that it was a tough decision to make but they felt Jana had been getting the "short" end of the stick and deserved to find love on the show.

"So you're gonna not dump them because they're not in a connection in here? That makes no sense whatsoever. Is this your Love Island? You're just gonna dump someone with the strong connection? That just makes no sense," Aaron added.

Olivia once again explained they didn't want to dump any of them and Leah chimed in and said he should tell them who he wanted to be dumped. She added that they had to make a decision and the Love Island USA season 6 cast member shouldn't yell at them.

Aaron and Rob didn't leave the show, the only people who were eliminated were Andrea and Hakeem after being voted out. After the episode aired, fans took to social media to react to the segment and supported Olivia and Leah for standing up to Aaron for his behavior.

Episodes of Love Island USA are available to stream on Peacock.

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