The Circle season 6 episode 9 trailer breakdown: 3 major takeaways

Kyle, Brandon, and Myles from The Circle (Image via Tudum)
Kyle, Brandon, and Myles from The Circle (Image via Tudum)

After The Circle episodes 5 to 8 came out on April 24, fans are impatiently waiting for its third installment of episodes 9 to 12, which will drop on May 1, on Netflix. But to generate more hype, Netflix had a promo attached at the end of episode 8, which gave a sneak peek into the upcoming episode.

The cliffhanger episode 8 left fans with doesn't help their case further. The fans don't know if Kyle or Paul self-sacrificed and pressed the quit button to save their partner.

The trailer cleverly keeps them out, not showing if any of them continue to stay. Another major thing to see in the upcoming episode would be the strains on people's bonds. Emotions run high as the game gets intense by the episode, and the players scramble to strategize better, to win $100,000 prize money.

What does The Circle season 6 trailer tell about episode 9?

1) Kyle and Caress's tough decision

After the cliffhanger of episode 8 of The Circle, viewers were curious to spot either of the two in the trailer, but couldn't. The whole point of the cliffhanger would've been lost if either of them were shown in the trailer because the condition was that only one could stay. Their disappearance in the trailer of the upcoming episodes doesn't mean they were both blocked. The chances of either of their survival are still 50-50.

Kyle and Caress (Image via Tudum)
Kyle and Caress (Image via Tudum)

Kyle, who was optimistic about his pairing with Paul, was in shock when he discovered his demise. However, in a last-moment twist, The Circle asked them to press the sacrifice button and quit if they wished to save their partner, which gave him a glimmer of hope.

The trailer showed Kyle and Paul finding it hard to make the call, with both hell-bent on pressing the stay button, in the hopes of the other one sacrificing. Kyle seemed livid as he said, "I can't tell my wife that I went out like this". While Caress is sitting there sighing, with her head in her hands.

2) Players going after their allies

Another big revelation in the trailer was that the players have finally gone after their allies. With the contestant pool getting smaller by the day, such moves were inevitable, because the players at some point would have to step on their allies to go ahead.

The Tres Fuego alliance of Kyle, QT, and Myles (Images via Tudum)
The Tres Fuego alliance of Kyle, QT, and Myles (Images via Tudum)

As the narrator says, "And even the strongest bonds are tested," there is a clip of Jordan saying, "I can't wait to see his demise," likely referring to Myles, his first ally in the game. This is made apparent when Jordan says, "What are you gonna do, Myles?"

It also shows Myles saying, "That's some shade!" and QT saying, "Oh, we're going there". In an environment where nobody is your friend and trust is elusive, emotions are bound to run high on The Circle.

3) Emotions run high

Episodes 5 to 8 were more intense than the happy 1 to 4 because blocking came into play, and reality sunk in. The contestant pool getting smaller and the twists getting more cutthroat also factored into the emotional sides of players coming out.

Jordan and Autumn (Image via Tudum)
Jordan and Autumn (Image via Tudum)

Whether it was Brandon crying after sharing his tragic life story with Kyle, or Cassie lashing out at Myles for calling her a snake, emotions got to the players more in episodes 5 to 8 of The Circle.

The upcoming episodes take the level of emotions up a notch, as is apparent from the trailer. It shows Jordan pleading, "Throw someone under the bus," while Brandon says, "Are you trying to raise this nurse's blood pressure?", as he chills in a hot tub. Myles pushes off his chair, chucking it to the ground, and Autumn yells, "Why?"

The pressure of the game gets to QT and Brandon as they're seen breaking down, shedding tears. Brandon is a player who always thinks from his heart and has been seen on the verge of breaking down many times in the previous episodes to vote a fellow out.

The third installment of episodes 9 to 12 of The Circle will be out on May 1, on Netflix, at 3:00 am ET.

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