The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7 — Recap and more details explored

Three costumes performed in The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7
Three costumes performed in The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7 (Image via Instagram/@maskedsingerfox)

The Masked Singer season 11 aired a brand new episode on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. During the segment, fans saw two celebrities reveal their true identities after coming in 'Queen Night' and paying tribute to the rock band Queen.

While Goldfish, Ugly Sweater, and Starfish took to the stage in episode 7, only one moved on to the next round. After their performances, the audience voted for one singer to be unmasked, and Ugly Sweater found themselves with the short end of the straw. The celebrity under the costume was Charlie Wilson.

Starfish and Goldfish then competed in Battle Royale, and Goldfish emerged victorious. This meant it was time for Starfish to reveal herself, and it was Kate Flannery.

Two costumes unmasked in The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7

In The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7, which was the Group A Finals, three contestants took to the stage and paid homage to Queen, the well-known rock band. Ahead of their performance, the contestants performed as a group and sang We Are The Champions to kick off the segment.

Ugly Sweater was up first and sang I Want to Break Free. Ahead of his performance, as part of his clue package, he said:

"They say what’s old is new again, and I say no, I’ve been upcycled, and recycled more times than I can count. Inspired everyone from Snoop Dogg to Nirvana. Talk about a fashion statement! I even worked with the legendary Tupac — I like to keep that little tidbit in my pocket."

The Masked Singer celebrity added that he wanted to show that people can break free from their past. His visual aids included a pool float, prayer hand emoji, crying face emoji, and a 24K gold bar. He further revealed his connection to Nick Cannon and said he gave the host dating advice.

Up next was Starfish, and she sang Under Pressure. Ahead of her performance, she revealed that she "put up quite a fight last time." The costume added that she was going to keep fighting because that is what "Freddie" would do.

"After my two best gal pals got my dream job, the pressure was on for me to become a star on my own! And then I get this call to step on to something else, to replace someone who got fired!," Starfish said.

Her visual clues included a telescope, a golden bell, and a white rabbit. Following the performance, the contestant further revealed a connection to Jenny. She said the last time they hung out, she offered Jenny tickets to her show.

Next up on The Masked Singer season 11 episode 7 was Goldfish, and she sang The Show Must Go On. Ahead of her performance, she revealed that she knew life came in "waves." She recalled losing her "number one" supporter the night before she got her dream role.

"I felt like I couldn’t move. But then I remembered, there was no one in the world that enjoyed watching me perform more. So, I reached down inside and found the courage to take that stage. And I performed for the one seat that wasn’t filled. It was heartbreaking, but so beautiful to honor them," she said.

Visual clues of The Masked Singer's costume consisted of an island map, a picture of a goldish, a wizard hat, and a poster of a rose. After the performance, she revealed a connection to Ken and said that they previously worked together.

After the performance, the audience voted, and Ugly Sweater was unmasked as Charlie Wilson. This was followed by Battle Royale to Another One Bites the Dust, and Goldish won the round. Starfish revealed herself as Kate Flannery from The Office.

The Masked Singer season 11 will return with another episode next week on Fox.

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Edited by Shreya Das
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