The Ultimatum: South Africa stars Siza and Lindile plan on marrying by the "end of this year"

 Siza and Lindile (Image via Netflix Nigeria)
Siza and Lindile (Image via Netflix Nigeria)

The Ultimatum: South Africa season 1 began airing on Netflix on May 10, 2024, with the reunion releasing on May 24, 2024. The social experiment introduced viewers to six couples, who had their bonds, connections, and loyalty tested. The couples were also swapped with other contestants for a trial marriage before they had a trial marriage with their original partners.

By the end of the series, three of the six couples had made it to the proposal, and one of these was Siza and Lindile. Throughout The Ultimatum: South Africa, the couple went through ups and downs, had arguments when they were apart, and attempted to resolve their relationship problems.

During the reunion episode on Friday, all six couples' relationship status was revealed. The participants reflected on their lives, "relationships, heartbreak, and healing."

Siza and Lindile revealed they were about to get married "before the end of this year" and that their families have been meeting for the wedding preparations. However, they did note that they were in no hurry to get married quickly and that they were still working on their issues.

"There's no rush, honestly. We spoke about it first to assure the family that I'm taking her. She's going to be a Nibe, can they allow me, give me a bit of time? But I'm definitely sure before end of this year," Lindile said.

The Ultimatum: South Africa contestants Siza and Lindile share their stance on marriage

The Ultimatum: South Africa contestant Siza shared she was hesitant about getting married and wanted assurance from Lindile. During the reunion episode, she thanked Lindile's trial wife Thabi for helping him sort out his personal issues.

Siza explained that the reason behind them still being together was the experience on the Netflix series. Being part of the social experiment, Lindile realized Siza was the one for him.

"Because I feel like if Lindile did not go through an experience like this with someone like you, we wouldn't have like a beautiful relationship that we have," Siza added.

She noted that she is still nervous about the idea of marriage and often finds it hard to believe that she and Lindile will soon get married. The Ultimatum: South Africa cast member feels confident in starting a new chapter with her boyfriend. She told the host Salamina that she realized he was the right person to marry after she noticed a change in Lindile's behavior.

"I think marriage really makes me nervous. I'm still nervous. It's nice to have a man that is really sure of you. I made the right decision," Siza said.

When Salamina asked the couple about their plans for marriage, Siza stated that Lindile had a timeline in mind. Meanwhile, Lindile explained that they didn't have a specific date in mind as they didn't want to rush the wedding preparations.

Apart from that, Siza and Lindile are also taking time to adjust to each other after being a part of The Ultimatum: South Africa. Lindile said he has promised Siza that she will become a part of his family by the end of this year.

"So there's no specific date at the moment. But I can say that there has been communication from both families. We've sent in a letter, but also on the letter we've specified that we need to work on a few things," Lindil said.

Fans can follow Siza and Lindile on their Instagram accounts to stay updated on their personal lives and wedding preparations. All episodes of The Ultimatum: South Africa are available to be streamed on Netflix.

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