The Valley episode 6: Recap and more details explored

The Valley stars (Image via Bravo)
The Valley stars (Image via Bravo)

In this week's episode of The Valley, Kristen Doute spilled some big news during a fight with Jesse Lally. This became the highlight of the episode. Last week's episode saw several cast members interested in knowing if Michelle Lally's dating rumors were true, and this episode also saw the topic being addressed.

Episode 6 was released on Tuesday, April 23, and was titled, Congrats on Your Hair Loss, referring to Jax Taylor's hair loss prevention products. The party he threw after he found a sponsor to market his products, took an explosive turn because this was where Kristen ousted Jesse's secret.

Kristen Doute spills beans on Jesse and Michelle's relationship on episode 6 of The Valley

The twist in the final minutes of the episode left viewers wanting more. Things began heating up at Jax Taylor's party, which he threw to celebrate his deal with a new sponsor, who would help him promote his hair loss prevention products.

At the party, Kristen excused herself from the dinner table after she felt that Jesse was talking to her in a derogatory manner.

However, she met him in the hallway, after the latter was trying to escape a fight with his wife. After an altercation between the two and their partners, Michelle and Luke, Kristen blurted out to Michelle,

"Your husband said that he’s going to divorce you within two months."

The chain of events led to Jax going into a confessional to reveal more classified information:

"That was never said. It’s the other way around. It’s Michelle is going to leave Jesse in two months," he said.

Fans already know of their separation, which they announced right before the premiere of The Valley, several months after the show was filmed. Michelle also recently revealed that she was seeing someone new, after her split with her former husband.

What else happened on episode 6 of The Valley?

The aim of The Valley was to document the lives of couples who came to live in San Fernando Valley, California, to either have kids or raise them in a calmer ambiance away from city life.

Hence, when Kristen Doute's pregnancy test came out negative, it worried her. Fans know that she has been trying to conceive for a while now, as she claimed to be "actively trying" to have a child after suffering a miscarriage in November 2023.


The episode also saw things coming back to life for Brittany at their bar. Rumors of Michelle Lally's cheating bothered Jax, which made him ask Jasmine if she would be an investigator and not only find out whether the rumor was true, but also figure out the identity of the person involved.

What to expect from the upcoming episodes of The Valley?

The upcoming episodes will reveal whether Kristen ends up getting pregnant. Michelle's dating rumors will also likely be addressed.

Fans know that Brittany and Jax also announced their separation before The Valley premiered, and thus, the following episodes may also capture what led to their separation.

New episodes of The Valley season 1 drop every Tuesday on Bravo, at 9 pm ET.

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