Who is replacing Anthony Iracane on Below Deck season 11? Details explored

 Anthony Iracane from Below Deck season 11 (Image via Bravo TV)
Anthony Iracane from Below Deck season 11 (Image via Bravo TV)

Chef Anthony Iracane's journey ended after he was fired by Captain Kerry Titheradge on Below Deck season 11 episode 12, Bit Of An Ick. His departure from the hit Bravo series did not come as a surprise for fans as many guessed that his performance under pressure impacted St. David's reputation.

With the help of the yacht services coordinator and after interviewing potential candidates, Captain Kerry Titheradge hired Chef Nick Tatlock as Iracane's replacement on the April 22, 2024 episode. After the crew said their goodbyes to Anthony, a clip from Below Deck season 11 episode 13 introduced the audience to the new crew member.

During the preview of the episode titled Happy Captain, Happy Life cast members shared their first impressions of Tatlock. In a confessional featured in the preview clip, Nick introduced himself as "witty" and told the cameras:

"I’ve been a chef for 22 years. I think I lost my mind a long time ago. Maybe, I talk to myself too much, I have a few little ticks and go a little bit loopy sometimes, but I’m harmless crazy. You know, I’m not about to murder anyone."

Why was Anthony Iracane fired from Below Deck season 11?

Chef Anthony Iracane's journey on Below Deck season 11 concluded after he failed to provide the required meals to individuals and did not read preference sheets carefully. Throughout the season, viewers saw him struggling with time management and maintaining smooth service as well.

After Anthony Iracane served a vegetable salad instead of a pork dish to one of the important guests on the yacht, his dismissal was inevitable. He also failed to serve a lobster grilled cheese dish to a guest, resulting in the crew receiving $17,250, the lowest tip of the season.

Before firing him, Captain Kerry told Anthony he had no option but to let him go. The former praised the French culinary chef and his food and then critiqued his latest dishes and lack of attention to detail.

"I think you're an incredible chef. Your food is absolutely amazing. But, you're starting to kind of nosedive," he said.

Anthony then expressed:

"I don't really know what you're talking about. So why are people telling me every day that I'm the most amazing chef in the world?"

The Below Deck season 11 Captain helped Anthony realize that he was doing him "a favor" as "this is not the right environment" for him.

"You're not flourishing here... If I keep you here any longer, I'm going to set you up for disaster. I'm doing you a favor," he said.

In a confessional interview, Captain Kerry told the cameras that it was necessary to let Chef Anthony go even though it was "heartbreaking" for him. He also explained that if he kept the chef longer, the crew's "morale would be terrible" as he "was failing" them.

The Captain has now hired Chef Nick Tatlock as Chef Anthony's replacement and he and Bosun Ben Willoughby met with him in the episode 13 preview. Kerry told Nick why he was hired and what he expects from him in the future as he said:

"I had to let the last guy go… He wasn’t reading the preference sheets properly. I’ve seen you been on some big boats, so I’m not here to teach you how to cook… Of course, work well with the interior team."

Fans can watch the new cast member in action when Below Deck season 11 episode 13 releases on Monday, April 29 at 9/8c exclusively on Bravo and on Peacock the next day.

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