Loot season 2 ending explained: Did Molly "take the leap" with Arthur?

Loot TV series on Apple TV+ (Image via Apple TV)
Loot TV series on Apple TV+ (Image via Apple TV)

The Apple TV+ comedy series Loot season 2 has wrapped up with Molly Wells, played by Emmy winner Maya Rudolph, learning that there are some problems in life that her fortune can't fix—billionaire enemies who are not on board with the idea of sharing her money with the world and matters of the heart.

In the second season of the laugh-out-loud comedy, Molly navigates life post-divorce with the help of her $87 billion divorce settlement, her philanthropic organization Wells Foundation, and her trusty palls at the foundation.

Along the way, she caught very powerful enemies, people whose money is far more significant than hers, causing her a professional setback. But that wasn't the only setback Molly faced at the end of Loot season 2. In the episode's final scene, Molly finally decides to take the leap on her growing feelings for Arthur by showing up on his doorstep and kissing him.

But unknown to Maya Rudolph's character, someone was inside Arthur's house who would put a damper on the happily ever after she was hoping for.

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead for Loot season 2 finale. Reader's discretion is advised.

Did Molly end up with Arthur in Loot season 2?

Early on in Loot season 2 episode 10, Arthur asks Molly to chat about their "almost kiss," a scene from the previous episode. While the latter was excited about the prospect that her relationship with the foundation's accountant would take a turn for the better and waiting for him to make another move, she was in for a rude awakening.

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Instead of professing his love for Molly, Arthur apologized for almost kissing her, saying that it was a mistake. Horrified on the inside, Molly tried to save face and agreed that their almost kiss was only because they were caught up in the moment. She later reminded Arthur that she's his boss and a relationship wouldn't be best and that they are really good as friends.

However, that is not the end of the drama between Molly and Arthur who had been on the brink of getting together for almost all of Loot season 2. Later in the finale episode, something inspired Molly to "take the leap" and confess her love for Arthur herself.

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Maya Rudolph plays Molly in Loot season 2 (Image via Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
Maya Rudolph plays Molly in Loot season 2 (Image via Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

She rushes to Arthur's house intending to confess her feelings to the accountant. Molly knocks on Arthur's door, and in a classic romantic comedy-worthy moment, Molly delivers an impassioned speech:

"I know we had that conversation earlier, and I know that there's a million reasons why it would never work between us, but I know we feel something for each other. And when two people have a connection like that, I think that they owe it to each other to go for it."

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And like Notting Hill's iconic "I'm just a girl standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her" moment, Molly continued:

"So here I am. And I can't believe that I showed up here in the middle of the night like a psycho, but I'm not backing off. In fact, I'm doubling down. And I'm gonna put my hands around you, and I'm gonna lean in, and here we go!"

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Nat Faxon plays Arthur in Loot (Image via Leon Bennett/Getty Images)
Nat Faxon plays Arthur in Loot (Image via Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

At long last, the two shared a passionate kiss and it was a beautiful moment, something worthy of a season finale. Well, that was until the light turned up, and Willa appeared from the bedroom to see her boyfriend and another woman kissing.

Embarrassed and a little angry, after all, she was once a victim of her husband having an affair, Molly quickly fled the scene. At the end of Loot season 2, Molly did get the kiss but not the man.

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What inspired Molly to "take the leap" and confess to Arthur?

Early in the finale episode of Loot season 2, Sofia tells Molly how she feels like she made the wrong decision of breaking up with Isaac, which happened in the previous episode.

She's conflicted about it all. At one point, she couldn't stop thinking about Isaac, but at another point, there were a lot of reasons in her mind, making her believe that their relationship wouldn't work in the end. Molly gave her an A+ advice, saying:

"Do you love him? Then none of those things matter. If you love someone then you just have to take the leap."

It prompted Sofia to fight for Isaac, flying to New Orleans and catching Isaac's jazz band at a local bar in town. There, Isaac was surprised to see her but equally happy to get back together with Sofia. After their reunion, Sofia shared the news with Molly, as a way to thank her for her support and wise words, encouraging her to pursue the man she loves.

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Michaela Jae Rodriguez is Sofia in Loot season 2 (Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
Michaela Jae Rodriguez is Sofia in Loot season 2 (Image via Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Upon receiving Sofia's message, Molly was inspired to take her own advice—take the leap and express her feelings to the man she loves. That's what prompted her to go to Arthur to confess her feelings, which, as mentioned above, didn't turn out quite as well as how it did for Sofia and Isaac.

Did Molly ever join the billionaire cult in Loot season 2?

When Molly was invited by Norman, whom she believes was keen on supporting her Space for Everyone initiative, at his mansion in Loot season 2 episode 10, she was in for a shock. There, she found herself in a dark, red-carpeted room surrounded by a group of billionaires trying to look intimidating in their robes and mask getups, while Norman was sitting on a literal throne.

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Norman told her:

"Your activity's threatened our way! You must cease them immediately. Obey our command or you will face the most dire of consequences."

But not one to be threatened, Molly flicks on the light and asks what is going on. She challenges Norman to unmask himself and talk to her face-to-face, which he reluctantly accepts.

Norman later explained that the billionaires (in the room) like the way things are, none of Molly's progressive billionaire talk. He later invited Molly to give up her plans of changing the social order of the country and join them. However, Molly was horrified by the invitation, saying:

"The world is changing. People's eyes are opening."

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Loot cast members (Image via Cindy Ord/Getty Images)
Loot cast members (Image via Cindy Ord/Getty Images)

Now without Norman's support, Molly said that she and Grace would find other people who care about humanity to partner with. But she was in for another shock as Grace, who was in the group unmasked herself.

In the face of a friendship betrayal, Molly wasn't fazed and still stood her ground. At the end of Loot season 2, she stormed out with her head held high, but not before saying:

"F*ck these old white guys!"

Currently, viewers can watch Loot seasons 1 and 2 streaming on Apple TV+.

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