Netflix gives exciting update on Arnold Schwarzenegger starter Fubar season 2 

Netflix gives exciting update on Arnold Schwarzenegger starter Fubar season 2
"Yeah Yeah Yeah" Get ready for more Schwarzenegger (Image via Netflix)

Fubar season 2 is in production for Netflix. The lead, Arnold Schwarzenegger, revealed the following via his Instagram alongside, a Guinness world record-breaking action figure of himself as the man.

Furthermore, in support of Fubar season 2, Netflix also backed this, confirming that production has started on the upcoming episodes of the comedy spy series starring Monica Barbaro and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Created by Nick Santora (Reacher) and released on May 25th, 2023, Fubar follows the aforementioned spy-dad-daughter duo as they have a Mr. and Mrs. Smith moment and eventually have to work together. Creator Santora teases the upcoming Fubar season 2 in an interview with Tudum saying:

“Season 2 is bananas. We’re coming up with some real fun surprises for FUBAR fans in Season 2, for sure.”

Fubar season 2 sees Arnold Schwarzenegger “Get in the Chopa!”


To land Arnold Schwarzenegger for Fubar, Netflix had to defeat some strong competitors. After a fierce bidding battle, the actor was cast in his first television role in more than 50 years of performing.

And just like all things Schwarzenegger, he guarantees that Fubar Season 2 will be huge in the promotional video the actor uploaded to his Instagram. To celebrate the commencement of Season 2 production, Fubar created the largest action figure ever, shattering the Guinness World Record.

The Luke Burner action figure is 22.14 feet, or 265.7 inches tall, and can be seen in comparison with a normal-sized action figure. Schwarzenegger concludes the video by saying:

“And next season’s action figure will be twice as big, Season 2 is coming — enjoy it.”

Luke Brunner, Schwarzenegger's character in Fubar, was introduced as a proud and clandestine CIA agent in the first season. But he never imagined Emma (Monica Barbaro), his daughter, would be an operator as well. The official synopsis for the series reads:

“A father and daughter have both been working as CIA Operatives for years, but each kept their involvement in the CIA hidden from the other, resulting in their entire relationship being a gigantic lie. Upon learning of each other’s involvement in the CIA, the pair are forced to work together as partners, and against the backdrop of explosive action, and espionage, learn who each other really are.”

The two are back and going head to head with brand-new antagonists in Fubar season 2. The Matrix's Carrie-Anne Moss joins the ensemble as Greta Nelson, an ex-East German spy with a romantic past with Luke. Will this old sweetheart of Luke's ruin his life first, or destroy the entire world? Fans can only wait to find out in Fubar season 2, which will be 8 episodes long, lasting 60 minutes each.

The upcoming season of the action comedy features Fortune Feimster, Travis Van Winkle, Jay Baruchel, Aparna Brielle, Andy Buckley, Milan Carter, Fabiana Udenio, and Barbara Eve Harris among the returning cast members from Fubar Season 1.

In the forthcoming Fubar season 2, show creator Santora hinted that the entire Brunner family will be dealing with a ton of issues. As viewers saw in the previous season, analyst Tina (played by Brielle) is covertly working as a mole.

Not to mention that the names of Luke and every agent he works with, including his daughter Emma (Barbaro), have been disclosed, sure to create problems for a spy.

Filming for Fubar season 2 started on April 29th, 2024, and is scheduled to run until August 12th, 2024. This means viewers can expect season 2 to come sometime in 2025. While waiting, viewers can catch the first season of the Schwarzenegger starring series, in its entirety on Netflix.

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