Who is Miranda Derrick from Dancing for the Devil? Age, social media, family, and more explored

Miranda Derrick, a subject of
Miranda Derrick, a subject of 'Dancing for the Devil' (Image via Instagram/@itsmirandaderrick)

Netflix's new documentary series, Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult, directed by Derek Doneen, Dirty Robber, and WV Alternative, chronicles the experiences of many dancers who found themselves ensnared by Los Angeles-based management company 7M Films, led by Robert Shinn, also a pastor of Shekinah Church.

The Wilking sisters, Melanie and Miranda, found themselves under Shinn's influence, as they amassed millions of TikTok followers through their viral dance videos. And Melanie reportedly joined Shinn's church, with eventually becoming part of 7M Films.

However, in 2021, Miranda began to distance herself from her close-knit family, spending more time with Shinn's company. This growing detachment eventually led her to cut off contact entirely, prompting her loved ones to suspect something more sinister was at play.

In 2022, Melanie Wilking and her parents, publicly accused 7M of being a cult that was manipulating and exploiting Miranda. Both Miranda and the company denied the allegations, with the former stating that her separation from them was of her own volition.

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Who is Miranda Derrick married to? Life and career explored

Miranda Derrick and husband BDash (Image via Instagram/@itsmirandaderrick)
Miranda Derrick and husband BDash (Image via Instagram/@itsmirandaderrick)

Miranda Derrick originally hails from suburban Michigan and is 27 years old. She moved to Los Angeles after high school to pursue her dream of becoming a professional dancer, followed by her younger sister Melanie Wilking a year later.

The Wilking sisters gained immense popularity on social media via their dance videos. Their joint TikTok account garnered over 3 million followers as they shared choreography routines and lifestyle content.

In 2019, Miranda's life took a significant turn when she met James "BDash" Derrick through Instagram, leading to a romantic relationship that saw them engaged by August 2021.

BDash proposed to Miranda while they were in the middle of filming a dance video, surprising both her and their fans. They are now married, with Miranda sharing wedding photos on Instagram in April 2024, though the exact date of their wedding remains unknown.

Miranda continues to work as a dancer. She recently appeared alongside her husband in Prime Video's 2024 action film Road House, starring Jake Gyllenhaal. They also remain members of the controversial Shekinah Church and 7M management company, both headed by Robert Shinn.

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Miranda Derrick and the allegations in Dancing for the Devil

In 2020, Miranda and BDash began working with 7M Films, after getting introduced by Derrick’s videographer, Isaiah Shinn, Robert Shinn's son. The couple became deeply involved with both the agency and the Shekinah church, even allegedly moving into a property owned by Shinn.

This shift in Miranda's life caused concern for her sister Melanie and their family, who felt uncomfortable with the control Robert Shinn appeared to exert over the dancers. In early 2021, Miranda began distancing herself from her family, refusing to return to Michigan, even for her grandfather's funeral.

This led to a significant estrangement, with the family claiming they lost nearly all contact with her until they confronted her at a public dance event in December of that year.

In 2022, Melanie and her parents went public with their concerns in a viral livestream, accusing Robert Shinn of leading a "cult" and controlling Miranda's interactions with her family. Their video sparked widespread scrutiny in Shinn's company and church, with many former employees and dancers emerging to share their own experiences.

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Robert Shinn from Dancing for the Devil (Image via Netflix)
Robert Shinn from Dancing for the Devil (Image via Netflix)

Despite these allegations, Miranda has consistently denied any coercion. In a May 2022 statement to The Cut, she asserted her autonomy and expressed that her involvement with 7M Films and Shekinah Church was voluntary. She emphasized her excitement about her career, marriage, and faith, and her desire to mend her relationship with her family privately.

Her recent Instagram post reveals that she attended her sister's wedding to NFL star Austin Ekeler on May 25, 2024. After such a controversial moment, it seems Miranda is now on friendlier terms with her family.

However, she continues to be a member of Shinn's Shekinah Church and works under 7M Films. She had not made any public statement regarding the new Netflix docuseries, Dancing for the Devil.

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All three episodes of Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult are available to stream on Netflix.

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