5 best Valorant Agents for beginners in Episode 4 Act 3

Best agents for Valorant beginners in Episode 4 Act 3
Best agents for Valorant beginners in Episode 4 Act 3

Valorant is currently one of the most popular FPS titles among gamers. The unique theme of the game with MOBA and shooter amalgamation has attracted a lot of players to the game. Within just two years of its release, the game has registered a concurrent daily player count of approximately 700,000 to 1,400,000. The game has an equally popular professional scene that adds some extra flavor to it.

Valorant requires players to be both strategic and aggressive at the same time due to the Agents' abilities and tactical shooting combination. However, it is quite tough for new players to understand the game's mechanics and Agents' abilities at first. This article will discuss some of the Agents that can be easier for new players in Valorant.


Easiest Valorant Agents to start with in Episode 4 Act 3

With the introduction of the new Turkish Initiator Agent Fade, Valorant currently has a total of 19 Agents in the game. All of these Agents can be divided into four categories depending on their roles: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel. Here are some of the Agents that can be easier to play with for a novice.


One of the easiest Agents to play with in the game, The Chinese Sentinel Agent brings calmness to the battlefield with her healing ability. Sage's Barrier Orb (C) and Slow Orb (Q) can be instrumental in holding enemies for a few seconds in their tracks and stalling entries into a site.


Gamers can start with Sage as she is the easiest support Agent in the game. While playing this Agent, players can deliver impactful performance in the game and they can also focus more on learning the game's mechanics and other Agents' abilities by watching their teammates and opponents.


Sova is one of the most picked Agents in the game. With his recon-ability, the Agent can help his team by providing locations of the enemies.


For a beginner, Sova can also be a good choice as it is easier to use his abilities in the game. With the lineups, the Agent can offer more impact in the game. However, even without those, players can still help their team win by gaining intel on the enemies.


One of the simplest Agents in the game, Cypher, with his Trapwires and Cages, can stop enemies in their tracks. With his Spycam, he can also help his teammates by providing enemy locations.


For a beginner, it is much easier to play with Cypher as players can easily familiarize themselves with his his tools. With Cypher, players can focus more on their gunplay and learn more about the game mechanics.


Omen is a Controller Agent in the game. With his Smoke and Teleportation abilities, Omen can outsmart his opponents in the game.


As a complete beginner, it can be confusing for some players as Omen demands a tricky playstyle to deliver more impact in the game. However, even new players can quickly understand his abilities due to its simple nature. By understanding this Agent, players can get accustomed to the game very quickly.


Reyna is one of the most aggressive Duelists in the game. Hence, her role is to find first blood and help her team to enter the site.


For a beginner, Reyna can be a good choice if the player has a good aim. With a crisp aim, players can easily make high-impact plays in the game with Reyna. However, if a player is not confident with their aim mechanics, they are advised to avoid this Agent as her kit is highly based on her winning aim duels..

These are some of the Agents that beginners can start with in Valorant. To learn more about the game and its Agents, players can follow the streams of professional Valorant players and content creators.

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