5 best Valorant Agents for competitive matchmaking in Episode 4 Act 3

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 came out a few weeks back (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 came out a few weeks back (Image via Riot Games)

Are you looking to gain a competitive advantage in Valorant by spamming heroes with an unfair edge over others? Well, you’re in the right place.

Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 introduced many changes to the game, including a new hero, Fade. The meta and the Agent tier list have changed drastically with the introduction of patch 4.08.

Sova and Jett have been nerfed, while Fade has been brought into the limelight, and all of these things have shaken the meta up.

Five most potent Agents in Valorant for ranked matches

5) Viper


Viper’s abilities have always been a hugely controlling element in any competitive game of Valorant. A well-timed toxic screen is perfect for splitting up the enemy squad and catching them off-guard, and the snake bite ability makes for a powerful deterrent.

Viper’s ultimate is overpowered on the Icebox map, and she can easily use her abilities to hold and enter the A or B sites. Essentially, her ultimate is an almost perfect way to run out the clock after planting the bomb.

4) Sova


Sova can make himself an essential part of the team by providing valuable and timely information. His abilities revolve around gaining details on enemy positions if correctly used.

The recon bolt can be used in various nefarious ways to gain intel, a personal favorite being marking an enemy directly with it and blowing them up with Sova’s ultimate. Using the Owl Drone ability is another fantastic way to tag enemies and spot traps.

Sova’s ultimate, Hunter’s Fury, can be paired up with his detection abilities to catch enemies off-guard through walls and potentially turn the tide of the battle.

3) Fade


Fade is the new Initiator hero added to the roster in Valorant. Her abilities can be seen as a mixture of Skye, Sova, and Breach, helping her tag, reveal, and blind opponents.

Her primary ability, Haunt, lets gamers reveal hidden enemies, marking them with a trail that enables Fade or her teammates to follow it to locate them.

Her Seize ability essentially binds enemies inside a circular zone that they can’t get out of and is marked with a trail. The enemy’s health also decays to 75 HP and is deafened temporarily.

Her Prowler ability is similar to Skye’s Tasmanian Tiger ability. Once hit with the prowler, opponents get nearsighted. Up to two prowlers can be used in one round.

Fade’s ultimate is quite similar to Breach’s rolling Thunder, but instead of concussing enemies, it near sights them, and they are marked with a trail. Their health also decays to 75 HP for a short time.

2) Jett


Jett is and always has been the first pick for lone wolves in Valorant, with her Updraft and Tailwind abilities allowing her to outplay opponents and enter in and out of sites in an instant.

She can take out enemies by flanking them from impossible angles. Her Cloudburst ability is quite overpowered for initiation, and she still is a rock-solid choice despite recent nerfs.

With Neon on the roster, Jett isn’t the only speedster around. It will be pretty interesting to see which Agent comes out on top in the coming days in terms of mobility.

1) Chamber


Frenchman Vincent Fabron, aka Chamber, has spent much of his time involved with combat and weapons, having worked for the French military. The utilities he offers are vastly different to other sentinels in Valorant, acting like a duelist in most situations.

If there’s one thing Chamber loves, it’s big, bulky guns. He’s got access to various weapons, using up to four simultaneously, depending on the round, and that’s not all.

His first ability is a trap that scans for enemies. When opponents come in range, it counts down a timer and creates a field that slows down those caught in it. Activating the Headhunter ability equips a heavy pistol that can be aimed down the sights.

The signature ability, Rendezvous, places two teleportation anchors. While within range of the anchor, it can be reactivated to quickly teleport to the other one, and it can be redeployed.

His ultimate ability, aptly named Tour de Force, summons a sniper rifle that will one-shot enemies, and killing anyone creates a temporary field that slows down others.

Note: This list reflects the writer’s individual opinion.

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