5 best Valorant Agents to duo with Breach

Jett and Raze are two best agents that perfectly pairs with Breach in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jett and Raze are the two best agents that pair well with Breach in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Breach is a great Initiator to play in Valorant. He is a Swedish bionic specially curated to fire powerful targeted kinetic explosions through the ground for a powerful strike into enemy territory. The damage and disruption he inflicts can turn the tide of the match. His kit includes powerful flashes and crowd control abilities like Fault Line and Aftershock.

In Valorant, teamwork and coordination are crucial even in lower lobbies. Without proper agents, it's very difficult to achieve victory. Agent pairing is a great way to win rounds. So finding agents that pair perfectly with Breach can further enhance the gameplay.


Breach paired with Jett, Gekko, and more can provide successful matches in Valorant.

1) Jett


Jett is regarded as one of Valorant's top-tier agents and a Dualist. In the hands of a talented player, her equipment can be utilized to accomplish extraordinary agility, the capacity to open up space for the team, and even the ability to flee dangerous situations.

As there will be many aspects to watch out for during the assault phase, it becomes very challenging for Jett to enter the site alone; however, if paired with Breach, it becomes much easier.

While Jett can smoke off and dash inside to seize control of the situation, Breach can use his flashes and Flaut Line in common areas where defenders typically hold positions.

2) Gekko


Gekko is a new agent introduced in the game. He is an Initiator with calamitous creatures that advance into enemy territory to blind, stun, and even detain foes. His Wingman ability can even plant or defuse spikes. He is a great agent to play for sneaky attacks.

Gekko amplifies the aggressiveness of the battle when partnered with Breach. But the duo is not appropriate for every single area. Both are initiators who can rapidly seize possession of the sites thanks to their abilities, such as Dizzy, Flaut Line, and others, which allow them to clear out every possible angle.

Breach's shock can be combined with Gekko's Moshpit for a sure-shot kill, and it can even be used as a post-plant with a high possibility of success.

3) Chamber


The French Gunsmith Chamber is always well-groomed, well-armored, and prepared for battle with lethal accuracy. He was a powerful agent who changed the meta of the game, but he underwent major changes in Patch 5.12, when his powers were severely nerfed, leaving him in a much weaker condition than before. Despite being severely nerfed, he is still a popular agent in Valorant.

With Breach on his side, he can completely employ his kit during the attacking phase. The former can flash and stun areas with a high chance of retaining foes, and Chamber can rapidly go inside sight and kill or damage someone before teleporting. He can also boldly peek at angles with the help of flashes.

4) Raze


Raze is an aggressive Dualist in Valorant from Brazil. Her kit is full of explosives, and she excels in clearing angles with a boom. She can easily enter the site with her satchel and take control, but the difficult part is getting inside without getting shot by enemies.

Breach and Raze are a deadly pair and one of the game's most devastating combos. The former can flash, and the latter can dispatch her Boombot to clear angles, and with the former's stun merging with the latter's grenade, they can easily score a quick kill. The combination can be used in both defense and attack, but it is most effective in attack because it can easily take over a site if performed perfectly coordinated.

5) Omen


Omen belongs to the Controller class in Valorant. His kit enables him to block out angles with smoke, use Paranoia to blind enemies, and teleport to make foes fearful as they try to work out where he'll strike next.

Breach, and Omen make an excellent team because the latter can blind a specific angle with his Paranoia ability while the former flashes the other angles.

Omen can teleport inside the site, attack enemies from behind, and easily take control.

The above five Valorant agents flawlessly synergize with Breach, but the key is that users must cooperate to make the most of their abilities and secure wins.

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Edited by Anirudh Padmanabhan
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