5 tips to improve utility usage in Valorant

Five tips to improve utility usage in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Five tips to improve utility usage in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

It has been two years since Valorant stepped into the competitive shooter industry and took the professional scene away by storm. Most players migrated from CS: GO to the newfound title that Riot introduced to them.

Counter Strike players took the time to learn all the new abilities Riot gave their Agents and it can be seen how players really became adept at the shooter as time passed.


Veteran Valorant players understand how crucial it is to use utility correctly in the game. Many players in the lower lobbies fail to rank up as they lack the proper concept of using utility in the shooter.

This listicle will provide five tips that players can keep in mind while using utility in Valorant in order to win more.

5 tips than can improve utility and ability usage in Valorant for players

5) Avoid switching to utility during gunfights


It is understandable that players would like to maintain an edge over their opponents while having a gunfight. However, it is also important to focus on an obvious gunfight before switching utilities more often.

Players who mostly fail to rank up have the habit of switching their utilities way too many times. As a result, they often don't focus on their crosshairs and end up dying as the enemy swings on them.

4) Maintaining utility


Many players have a habit of using most of their abilities early in a round. This could hurt their chances of winning as the players would have barely any utility left when needed later in the round. For example, when playing as a defender, players must have a decent amount of utility left to retake sites.

Low lobby players are often ignorant in terms of maintaining their utility and end up having nothing when they need it the most. However, utilities like Recon Darts and KAY/O Knife are rechargeable and can be used once they have been refilled. Mollies and Swarm Grenades, on the other hand, must be saved for the correct moment.

3) Purchasing the correct utility based on Agents


Each Valorant Agent excels at activities that cannot be replaced by other Agents on the roster. These abilities hold the potential to change the entire round based on how they are used. This means players must often choose between their weapons and abilities when the economy is at risk.

Controller Agents are popular for their smoke and cannot be replaced by any other class in the game no matter what. For example, a Brimstone player must prioritize their smoke over weapons. Support Agents excel at helping their team with their abilities. It is important that players must always pick an important piece of utility over a weapon at times.

2) Synergizing utility


Certain Valorant Agents are designed to promote teamwork compared to some other characters in the game. Agents like Sova, Brimstone and Viper work best when the team is also contributing a decent amount of utility throughout the game.

It is important to note that Valorant is a team game. Many players ignore this fact and stick to Agents with selfish utilites such as Reyna and Yoru.

1) Avoid holding Ultimates for too long


Many players are afraid to use their Agent's Ultimate abilities at times when they think the round is not winnable. This mindset keeps them from making a better play in the game as it already drowns their confidence. Players must understand that their Agent's Ultimate can completely change the outcome of a round if used correctly.

Brimstone, Sova, and Breach all have Ultimate abilites that can have a huge impact in a round without even taking a proper gunfight, while on the other hand Reyna users can always pop their Empress and can take a handful of kills.

Players can apply the aforementioned tips while playing Valorant in order to significantly improve their utility usage in the shooter. Most of these tips are directed towards lower elo players in order to help them understand the usage of abilites in certain situations.

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