Valorant: All Agent Ultimate abilities ranked as of Episode 5 Act 1

Valorant Agent roster has increased over the time featuring some great Ultimates (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant Agent roster has increased over the time featuring some great Ultimates (Image via Sportskeeda)

With the introduction of Fade back in Episode 4 Act 3, Valorant has 19 unique Agents in its roster as of now. Riot Games' tactical shooter has grown a lot in the last two years in terms of player base, and its meta is ever-evolving.

Now that players have many Agents to choose from, they can easily opt for a character who has the abilities suited to their playstyles, especially Ultimate abilities.


Some of these Ultimate Agent abilities can turn the tables in a round for any team in the match. Some of these Ultimates have ground-breaking abilities and some of them, not so much. It is, however, important to note that each of them may not be the best in all situations, but they have their own perks.

This listicle will include every single Ultimate Agent ability in Valorant by ranking their positions based on how impactful they are.

Ranking all Agent Ultimates in Valorant

Ultimates are unique abilities possessed by each Agent in Valorant that can be acquired by earning Ultimate Orbs in each round. Once the necessary Orbs are farmed, players can use these unique abilities to make an impact.

Since the meta in Valorant keeps changing in almost every Episode, this list will only list the Ultimates as per Episode 5 Act 1: Dimensions. Some of these Agent Ultimates are extremely situational in rounds, thereby making them less impactful overall in Valorant.

19) Omen


Omen's From the Shadows is by far the least impactful Ultimate in Valorant, considering how quickly players can detect his teleport due to the noise it makes. Even after the animation is done, it is quite easy to get the drop on him due to the slight delay of equipping the weapon.

Omen would need a serious buff to his main ability in order to make it off the list of worst Ultimates in the game.

18) Neon


Overdrive is the least used Ultimate ability for a duelist. It allows players to fire a very powerful shock beam that deals a lot of damage to the enemy. While Neon also reaches her maximum speed, it would not take a lot of effort for a player with decent aim to shut her down.

Some players in higher ELO prefer using a normal weapon over this Ultimate. It has its perks in lower lobbies, but eventually, almost every player can counter it.

17) Reyna


Reyna's Empress is a great ultimate for taking 1v1's but has very little impact in the overall round. It runs out by half the round and eventually goes off if activated and the player dies or fails to get frags.

While Reyna possesses the ability to flash, enter the site and escape after getting a kill, her primary ability ultimately falls short by a few points.

16) Jett


While Jett is a fan-favorite Agent, her Ultimate is more difficult to use due to the above-average aim requirements for the user. Her knives run out pretty quickly if she fails to get kills.

All of her other abilities, including her passive, make her a worthy Duelist, but her Ultimate is just not one of the easiest ones to use in Valorant.

15) Astra


Astra's Cosmic Divide is a hit or miss in rounds, and she can make a clear pathway for her team to enter bu blocking enemies on the other side of the wall. However, there are chances that it could backfire.

It is impossible to hear what is going on on the other side, making it difficult to predict the enemy team. A player who does not know how to play Astra could seriously make the match a lot harder than it should be.

14) Raze


Raze's Ultimate can ensure huge damage to the enemy team if used in the correct hands. But the player must know the opponent's position to make the hit, and more often in high lobbies, her rockets gets dodged.

Mastering her rockets not only requires timing but also patience. It is pretty easy to miss the targets by a few pixels if shot too early or too late, which makes her primary ability more difficult to use than some other Duelists' in Valorant.

13) Breach


The Rolling Thunder has the perfect disastrous ability to keep enemies at bay, However, players often hide behind covers when hit by it, resulting in Breach and his team looking for victims while they recover from the shock.

It is undoubtedly a strong initiating ability, but it has a lots of drawbacks as for why it could not be among the top 10 in the list.

12) Yoru


Dimensional Drift is perfect when players are trying to bamboozle the enemy. but players are very much used to the driftwalker's tricks, which becomes predictable after a while once Yoru uses his Ultimate.

The ability allows players to become invisible when using it, in addition to gaining speed. But opponents are fully aware when Yoru is around due to the slight indications around the screen.

11) Skye


The Seekers Ultimate is a very useful ability in terms of looking for targets and clearing areas. Skye's Seekers track down players on their own once activated, and their trail delivers a clear indication of the path of the enemy. It also helps with flanks and lurkers as they follow their directions.

Unfortunately, players will shoot the Seekers before they are nearsighted. This decreases the impact of the ability after farming points, as it delivers less utility at the cost. However, it is a great ability to have in a 1vX situation.

10) Phoenix


Phoenix's Run It Back used to get a lot of praise in the early days of Valorant. It is a great Ultimate as it essentially gives the player two lives and Phoenix can also frag out using all his other abilities while using the Ultimate.

On the other hand, his body is left in a vulnerable state unless watched by a teammate. This makes the ability a little bit dependable on teammates as it is not at all good in a 1vX situation.

9) Killjoy


The lockdown is easily one of the best Sentinel abilities in Valorant, as it possesses the ability to detain enemy players where they are stripped off of all their weapons and utilities.

With that being said, her Ultimate can be easily destroyed by a lot of other Agent abilities such as Breach's Aftershock or KAY/O's Fragments.

8) Chamber


Chamber's Ultimate is essentially a better Operator. In the right hands, it can do a lot of damage to the opponents, as the ability to carry extra weapons and change playstyle on the go is a huge plus.

Chamber is becoming quite a celebrity in professional play due to his Operator handling abilities paired with his teleport and Ultimate.

7) Sova


Hunter's Fury is easily one of the best Ultimates in the game. However, players must have good map knowledge to make it work, as it can tag an enemy player thrice, killing them with ease. It is also a great post-plant utility as it can be used through walls in Valorant.

While using this Ultimate, Sova becomes extremely vulnerable to backstabs. This is one of the drawbacks that keeps this primary power from climbing higher on the list.

6) Cypher


Neural Theft is an info-based Ultimate that can easily win a round for the entire team. Although it does require Cypher to use it carefully in mid-fights, as it is tough to focus on a fallen body.

The ability marks the live location of the enemy team on the map and on the screen with a yellowish silhouette.

5) Brimstone


The game-changer Brimstone Ultimate can deal unimaginable damage to the enemy team when used correctly. It is by far the most effective plant denial and post-plant Ultimate in Valorant.

While it takes a few points to use once it is equipped, Brimstone players can play extremely passive and dependent on the ability. The Orbital Strike can either deny oppenents from taking site or kill them once they are in the range.

4) Fade


Fade's Nightfall is a horrifying ability to face for players camping in corners of sites with no place to escape. Her ability can easily track players down and deafen them for good.

This puts Fade and her team in a huge advantage as most players in a site will scurry off hearing the Nightfall chase them.

3) KAY/O


NULL/CMD is a sight to behold when in use. It suppresses enemy players when in range, and gives KAY/O a slight fire-rate buff. It is undoubtedly one of the better primary abilites in Valorant.

Players also get DBNO'd once they are hit instead of dying, allowing their teammates to pick them up.

2) Viper


Viper's Pit is considered to be one of the best and most impactful Ultimate abilities in Valorant. Due to its claustrophobic nature, enemies have reduced vision and lose their maximum health, allowing Viper to prey on her opponents one by one.

It is a great ability in terms of isolating gunfights in Viper's favor, ultimately making its way to the top five primaries in Valorant.

1) Sage


Sage has won the crown for the best ability in Valorant so far. Her Resurrection brings dead teammates back to life in full health. This turns the tides with a man advantage in crucial rounds.

Her ability can also be used to bait players into thinking that the revived player is vulnerable while Sage could get a free frag.

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