5 Valorant in-game habits that you should avoid (& 5 that you should develop for more wins)

Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter released by Riot Games (Image via Riot Games)
Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter released by Riot Games (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games' Hero-shooter, Valorant, is one of the most played and watched FPS game worldwide, taking the mantle from CSGO. The game features 18 Agents and seven playable maps as of now. Released in 2020, the game promised players a lot of content in the future and has been delivering on the same.

The game requires a player to master multiple things such as aim, reaction time, map knowledge, etc. In a game where a split second decision can change an entire round, being decisive and developing critical thinking is crucial. In a 5v5 tactical shooter, it is necessary for a player to think from a perspective of a team player. This is what separates Valorant from other shooters such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. This listicle will include 5 Valorant in-game habits that a player should avoid in order to be a better team player, and 5 habits to develop which would help a player win more.

Five in-game habits a player should avoid in Valorant

1) Instalocking


The most important part of queing for a competitive match in Valorant is having a perfect lineup of Agents that would help the team win. Instalocking goes against every single word mentioned above. It shows that the instalocking player is not communicating and isn't interested in playing around the other picks by other players. This shows the player's selfishness and lack of teamwork in the game.

With four classes and 18 Agents to choose from, limiting the capabilities by one-tricking a single Agent is only considered to be bad. This is a habit players must let go of in order to be a better player and master many agents.

2) Tilting


It is often a very good idea to take a break in Valorant after losing multiple matches in a row and deranking. Games are supposed to be fun, and if it makes you tilt, it's a sign to stop playing for now and perhaps take a break from the game.

The habit of losing a game and immediately queing for another is almost a guaranteed loss. In the end, it will only make the player feel worse. Therefore, it is always a good idea to call it for the day and start fresh tomorrow.

3) Backseating


Back to the game itself, backseat gaming is probably the worst kind of experience players can get in the name of comms. Backseating is not only useless but it also confuses the teammates that are alive in every way possible.

Backseat gaming does not offer any value, especially in solo queue, as it is a recipe for disaster. It is a habit that players must let go of in order to become a better team player.

4) Not warming up


Every sport in the world needs warming up before the players start to play it, and esports is not so different. Valorant requires attentiveness paired with aim. The game is often filled with scenarios that are no less than a puzzle.

It is always a good idea to calibrate your aim and movement before you hop in directly in the competitive queue. Not only does it make you perform better, but it also reinforces your confidence.

5) Being Predictable


How many times has it happened that you went to mid for a quick peek, but got counter peeked instead? It is the sheer amount of predictability that stops low-ranking players from climbing the ranked ladder.

Players should note that the same strat for every round is not going to work. Same utility placements for the same site with the same Agent is just going to get pre-fired by the enemy. Being predictable is the most common enemy of players who are hard-stuck in lower ranks. Changing things up is always a good idea in Valorant. After all, each Agent has unique abilities that make for a different playstyle. Limiting yourself to only one kind of playstyle will only stop you from achieving victory.

Five in-game habits players should develop in Valorant in order to win more games

1) Checking Economy every round


Economy is a crucial factor in Valorant. In-game creds help players buy guns and abilities in every round of the match. Pressing 'Tab' frequently to check your and the enemy's economy can offer a lot of benefits in a round. It helps players to track what kind of weapon a player can buy with their creds and what utility they can afford in the next round as well. This can help players plan for future rounds in a game.

2) Play agents with High Impact Ultimates/Farm Ult Orbs


High impact Ultimates implies the Ultimates that can change the entire round and have a high impact on the overall game. Agents such as Sage, KAY/O, Raze, Sova, Brimstone, and Viper are considered high impact ultimate Agents. Their ultimate ability can change the course of an entire round. It is recommended that players should use these Agents to get the most out of their skills.

Additionally, hunting for orbs is a great way to farm the ultimate ability. A few orbs are placed in such a way that they are practically free for either attackers or defenders, scouting the area with a teammate and grabbing the orb is not a bad idea, and a good ultimate, paired with a proper execution, can turn the tide of a round.

3) Playing with a teammate


How many times have you died in the game and noticed that there was no one to trade you off. This usually happens due to a lack of communication within the team. The inability to communicate and play often leads to solo lurking and poor teamwork in general.

Since Valorant is a team game, it is recommended to always have a teammate with you when going for gunfights and peeking angles, especially early in the round. Trading with your teammates is the best way to keep player counts even on both the teams.

4) Play the Objective


Playing the objective usually only consists of pushing a site as an attacker with a strat in mind. On the other hand, as a defender, it means holding sites with good strategies and utility placements. Sometimes, in order to win a round, all you need to do is stay alive till the timer runs out. In such situations, taking on gun fights can often lead to a lost round, which can easily spiral into a lost game.

5) Communicate everything you see


Players should always keep in mind that Valorant is a tactical shooter. It demands communication between teammates in order to execute a strategy. While retaking a site or pushing a site with multiple tight corners, communicating can help win gun fights and secure victory.

It’s highly recommended for players to give calls on mic or type in what they are seeing in the chat. Most players who are hard stuck in the lower lobbies have trouble ranking up due to their little to no communication. It is something that doesn't have to be limited to high ranks or professional players. Every player can use in-game communication features, which could help them step up their game.

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