5 Valorant skin collections with best animation

Some Valorant skin collections boast brilliant animations (Image via Sportskeeda)
Some Valorant skin collections boast brilliant animations (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant's skin lines easily outshine the cosmetics provided by some of the other competitive first-person shooters in the market. Apart from their look and design, animation also plays a crucial part in giving each weapon a certain allure. It is a technique used to create the illusion of movement to show a sequence.

Some skin collections in Valorant excel in this regard as they provide players with fascinating get-ups.


In Valorant, animations in weapon skins are only triggered through inputs for a particular action. These actions include reloading, picking up, or inspecting weapons.

What are the five Valorant skin collections with the best animation?

1) Sentinels of Light


Sentinels of Light is a collection based on League of Legends lore. The skinline serves as a perfect example of beautiful effects conjoined with captivating animations.

The collection features four beautiful variants for players to choose from. The skin set features an upgradable animation that detaches the crystals in a rotating manner and reattaches them.

This animation can only be accessed through reloading or equipping a weapon. The melee, called the Relic of the Sentinel, is a gorgeously carved blade with a similar animation.

2) Origin


Origin is overall a beautiful bundle that includes outstanding VFX, animations, a kill banner, and a finisher. The collection features a mix of themes like steampunk and magic, along with a hint of telekinesis.

The skin set features a gorgeous animation of telekinetic powers where the character can spin the weapons. It is triggered upon inspecting the weapons, which makes it even more special.

The bundle features four variants for the weapon, and the melee features a uniquely-designed Crescent blade.

3) Protocol 781-A


The Protocol 781-A bundle is based on robotic weaponry. The collection portrays the weapon as an absolute powerhouse with its clean robotic look and an AI (Artificial Intelligence) voice.

The collection features three variants and a tactical knife as its melee. It is one of the only Ultra Edition bundles in the game.

Weapons from the set feature a folding animation that can be accessed upon inspecting a weapon. The AI voice makes the collection further intimidating and reinforces the rugged look it already has.

4) Reaver


The beloved Reaver bundle is an absolute beauty. The skinline is based on witchcraft and sorcery, which also features a hint of black magic. The collection is also praised for the details and VFX it displays upon inspection.

The Reaver features four variants and a dagger as the melee. Being one of Valorant's most loved bundles, the skinline features a tremendously well-made reload animation for both guns and melee.

The undying love for the collection was an excellent opportunity for Riot Games to launch a second Reaver bundle with a different set of weapons.

5) Elderflame


The Elderflame collection is the first Ultra Edition skinline Riot introduced to Valorant. The weapons from the bundle look like something straight from the universe of Game of Thrones.

Each gun from the collection features a living and breathing Dragon, once upgraded with Radianite Points. The reload animation features the animal dropping the magazine as the character quite literally feeds it another.

The Elderflame bundle is easily one of the best collections in the game.

Animations for weapons must be unlocked through Radianite Points in Valorant. Before upgrading the weapons, users cannot access these animations.

Note: This article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinions. The bundles featured here are not listed in any particular order of ranking.

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