5 Valorant solo queue tips to help you climb rank faster

Five tips for solo queuing competitive in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Five tips for solo queuing competitive in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant has been out for two years and has proven to be a highly successful competitive shooter. One of the best parts of the game is the team-play aspect that forces players to work together against a common cause.

Having said that, playing alone in the competitive queue is also a great way to enjoy Valorant. When competing solo, one has access to a lot of options that would otherwise not be available when playing with friends.


There are a few things that players can do to make their solo queue experience better. This article lists five solo queue tips that one can use while grinding alone in Valorant.

Note: This article is purely subjective and solely reflects the opinions of the writer

Using one's microphone often, picking high-impact Agents, and 3 other solo queue tips for Valorant competitive

1) Fill in last


Most Valorant players tend to instalock a popular Agent when they are alone in the lobby. They don't care about team composition and often don't consult their teammates before doing so. However, this can significantly decrease the chances of a win. One should always be considerate of other players’ roles in a solo queue match.

Instalocking an Agent usually leads to low morale among teammates. Filling in last helps maintain a good team composition as the lineup gets what it needs in the end.

2) Use the microphone as often as you can


It goes without saying that communication is key in a competitive match. Without communication, one cannot hope to win rounds.

Players in lobbies tend to ignore callouts and information. However, one should still try their best to communicate. Even a simple ping on the map can give the team valuable information. One can also communicate via voice commands.

3) Have a positive mindset throughout a match


Solo queue in Valorant is not easy. Most players often get angry at their teammates when the squad fails to get rounds. This should be avoided at all costs to ensure the team is always positive and performing with maximum efficiency.

Blaming each other for mistakes in a match is a recipe for disaster as it only causes everyone in the team to lose motivation fast. One should always try to motivate their team. Cracking a few jokes to have a laugh is always a good idea when the team is losing a lot of rounds in a row.

4) Try picking high-impact Agents


Certain Agents in Valorant can bring a lot of utility that can turn a match around in moments.

Agents like Brimstone, Fade, and Chamber are must-picks, as they work great on most maps. They also have high-impact Ultimate abilities that can aid the team at crucial moments. However, players should not instalock these Agents as it could later become a problem for the team.

5) Mute toxic people


Toxicity is a known issue in almost every single multiplayer game. Valorant is no stranger to toxic players who ruin the competitive experience for others. This issue can easily be avoided by simply muting such players in-game.

Using the clutch-mute key during crucial rounds is a viable option if the team is complaining too much. It is important for teammates to share valuable information that can be acted upon. However, if players cannot provide such information and are instead demotivating others, it is best to mute them.

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