5 Valorant streamers caught cheating on livestream

Valorant streamers are not free from the hacking exercise (Image via Sportskeeda)
Valorant streamers are not free from the hacking exercise (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant, Riot Games’ 5v5 tactical shooter, has strict rules to eliminate hackers and cheaters, who are later penalized with bans.

Riot Vanguard Anti-Cheat is effective in Valorant, successfully catching several players using cheats to rank up in-game. It has also pulled up many streamers committing the same crime, and all were penalized with bans.

Many hacked or cheated using wallhacks and aim assists, resulting in suspensions from their accounts temporarily or permanently. However, being caught cheating and getting banned in front of thousands of viewers during a livestream can be pretty embarrassing. This has happened to many.

Five Valorant streamers caught cheating during livestream

1) Solista

A renowned streamer named Solista was banned during his Twitch livestream. He ranked #65 on the North American server’s leaderboard and held the Radiant rank back then.

Solista was banned on April 14, 2021, as an anti-cheat message appeared on his screen. The community pointed out several clips of him not clicking his mouse button yet his weapon being fired, leading to cheating allegations that were proved true when Riot Vanguard banned Solista.

2) iiTzTimmy

A Twitch streamer, iiTzTimmy, received a temporary ban during his Valorant marathon in November 2021. He was in Immortal One and was constantly grinding ranked games to reach the Radiant rank.

However, the broadcaster faced an interruption while continuously streaming the game live for 17 hours.

Timmy revealed he was banned “for cheating.” He also informed his fans about being warned by a developer about the ban for smurfing previously and that he was expecting the ban after he ended his stream. However, the suspension was lifted after around an hour.

3) Paxximo

Valorant streamer Paxximo was banned during his regular livestream for cheating. He was in-between a match when he was logged off from the game.

Soon after realizing the ban, he paused his stream and deleted the evidence. He was accused of using a wallhack during his stream.

However, he couldn’t cover it up, and the Anti-Cheat Police Department later shared a clip of his gameplay on Twitter. Paxximo was banned again hilariously after creating a new Valorant account to stream instantly.

4) ReFleck

ReFleck, a Valorant player, was found cheating in a match against Dignitas’ all-female roster during a livestream. It was Dignitas’ professional player, Juliana “showliana” Maransaldi, who shared a screenshot of the ban notification on Twitter, also showing ReFleck cheating throughout the game.

Later, the Anti-Cheat-Police Department also shared a clip of the match. All the Dignitas players were notified about the hacker’s presence by Riot Vanguard, who later came out as ReFleck. The player faced lots of community backlash due to hacking, which later led to ReFleck deactivating all the social accounts.

5) Xhade


An Indian professional player, Abhay “Xhade” Urkude of Paratroops, was found using cheats in ranked games. This led to a ban amid The Esports Club (TEC) tournament and suspension from the roster.

Initially, Xhade denied all the cheating allegations. However, later on, he admitted to another streamer, Mithul “Binks69” Nayak, to using “only wallhacks and no aim assist” in three matches.

Xhade confessed that he wanted to get up to the Radiant rank, so he chose to use cheats. He also said the same in one of Blinks69’s livestreams.

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