7 toughest signature abilities in Valorant

Hardest Signature abilities to master in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Hardest Signature abilities to master in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Signature abilities are given to players free of cost in every round of a Valorant match. They are one of the defining abilities that an Agent possesses. The signature ability generally recharges after a cooldown period or after the player gets a couple of kills, this depends on what Agent a player is playing as.

Valorant has become one of the most popular FPS titles out there. Riot games' first tactical shooter now gets over a million daily players who are looking to climb up the rank ladder. In this article, players will find the top seven Agents with signature abilities that are the hardest to master.

Difficult-to-master signature abilities in Valorant

The signature abilities listed in this article may be easy to use but are quite difficult-to-master and can easily become a hindrance to one's own teammates. Players must practice these moves if they are looking to use these Agents in a competitive environment.

1) Breach's Fault Line


Breach is a Valorant Agent from the Initiator class and his kit is designed to inflict damage and crowd control. His abilities center around disabling enemies in covers or helping his teammates peak from corners.

His signature ability is known as Fault Line and it concusses enemies for three seconds when they are hit with it and has a cooldown period of 35 seconds. It's quite hard to line up with enemy lines and can be easily dodged.

2) Neon's High Gear


Neon is a speedster from the Philippines in Valorant. She can race ahead at the start of the round to catch enemies off-guard.

Her signature ability is called High Gear and gives Neon increased speed but unequips any weapon she might be holding. This is a dual-edged sword as players can inevitably die in an instant as they speed towards an opponent.

3) Viper's Toxic Screen


Viper is a Controller Agent in Valorant who deals with acid and poison. She uses fuel to enable her Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen abilities.

Her signature ability is Toxic Screen, which deploys a long line of gas emitters across the map, and she can reuse the ability to create a wall of toxic poison that decays armor. Her wall can be a nuisance to the allies as it can hinder them from getting frags if timed at the wrong moment and placed in the wrong location.

4) Brimstone's Sky Smoke


Brimstone's is a Controller-type Agent in the game and his signature ability, known as Sky Smoke, has a maximum of three charges. He can simultaneously fire up to three charges after setting the location on the map.

It can hinder Brimstone's own allies from taking a site or getting a kill if used in the wrong place and at the wrong time. The smokes linger for a bit more than 19 seconds on the locations.

5) Yoru's Gatecrash


Yoru is a Japanese Duelist in Valorant who is a riftwalker or a portal jumper. His signature ability is known as Gatecrash and can be used to fire a rift tether out which moves forward.

Players can use alternatively choose to place it in a location by using the alt fire button. Yoru can then activate it to teleport to the tether's location. More often than not, players may jump the gun a teleport at the wrong moment when enemies are still looking in the tether's direction.

6) Skye's Guiding Light


Skye is an Initiator Agent who hails from Australia and uses her beasts to blaze her way to glory. She can heal her teammates and gain information as well as make entry to a site easier for her allies.

Juggling her abiities well is a task in itself, which makes Skye a complex Agent to play as. Her signature ability is the Guiding Light, which is a flashbang that can cause nuisance to Skye's own teammates if used incorrectly.

7) Jett


Jett is an Initiator-type Agent in Valorant who is a speedster like Neon. She hails from South Korea and is one of the most picked choices in professional competitive games.

Tailwind is her signature ability, which prepares a gust of wind for a limited time and when it is reused, it propels Jett in the direction she is moving. Players may be caught off guard if they use this in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

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