7 signature abilities with the highest in-game impact in Valorant

Best signature abilities in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best signature abilities in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

A signature ability is given to players for free in every round in Valorant. How the ability recharges depends on which Agent a player is using. Someone like Jett gets a speed boost but it only refills after every two kills. However, Agents such as Sage can use their signature abilities after a certain amount of time that it takes to recharge.

Valorant has amassed over a million active daily players since its launch in June 2020. It has become one of the most popular FPS titles out there and quite a lot of players are looking to climb up the rank ladder. In this article, players will find the Agents with the best signature abilitites that will help them reach the next level in no time.

The Agents with the best signature abilities in Valorant

1) Cypher's Spycam


Cypher is a Sentinel in Valorant whose abilities center around trapping enemies and reconnaissance. His signature ability is the Spycam, which places a camera at the targeted location. He can then reuse the ability to get the camera's view from anywhere on the map.

Spycam can also shoot a marking dart which will temporarily reveal the location of an enemy marked by it. If the spycam is shot down by an enemy, it has a cooldown of 45 seconds after which the ability gets recharged. If Cypher players decide to pickup the camera, it gets a cooldown of 15 seconds before they can place the Spycam again.

2) Sage's Healing Orb


Sage is another Sentinel in Valorant, but she plays more of a support role in Valorant. Her signature ability is Healing Orb, which she can use to heal herself, but it takes twice as long than it would if she used the ability on her allies.

Sage's ability heals 60HP over over seconds when used on an ally and 10 seconds to heal the same amount of HP when used on herself. There is a cooldown of 45 seconds on this signature ability. Alternate fire heals Sage while using the left-click when the crosshair is on an ally whose health is low heals them.

3) Omen's Dark Cover


Omen is a Controller-type Agent in Valorant and one of the coolest looking ones on this list. His signature ability, Dark Cover, places smoke in the targeted location and can be used from almost anywhere on the map, making it a global smoke ability.

It blocks vision and players can press "R" to switch between the two view types. Holding down the primary fire moves the marker further away while holding down the secondary fire moves the marker closer. The smoke lasts for 15 seconds and has a 30 second cooldown after which it recharges.

4) Killjoy's Turret


Killjoy is a Sentinel straight out of Germany in Valorant who uses her plethora of gadgets for crowd control. Her signature ability is Turret, which deploys an automated turret that deals a bit of damage to enemies caught in its view.

It fires at enemies in a 180 degree cone and has got 125 HP. The cooldown is 20 seconds and if its shot down, it increases to 45 seconds. It deals about three to eight HP of damage to enemies caught in its path.

5) Neon's High Gear


Neon is a Duelist Agent in Valorant who comes from the Philippines. She is a speedster like Jett who races ahead to catch enemies off guard. Her Signature ability grants her increased speed and is known as High Gear.

It instantly channels Neon's power for increased running speed and when it's charged, players can use alternate fire to trigger a slide. The maximum duration is set at 10 seconds and the slide charge resets after every two kills.

6) Raze's Paint Shells


Raze is another Agent from the Duelist class in Valorant. Her skills are all about explosions and off-the-chart moves. She deals a lot of AoE damage and her signature ability, Paint Shells, is basically a cluster grenade.

It causes damage and then creates four sub-munitions which further cause damage to anyone caught in its range. The ability can be recharged by getting two kills.

7) Sova's Recon Bolt


Sova is a Russian Initiator in Valorant whose abilities are specifically designed for scouting and reconnaissance. His entire kit is built around finding and marking enemies for his allies to pick off. His signature ability is the Recon Bolt, which reveals the location of enemies in its line of sight.

The bolt will scan three times with a second between each of the pulses. A lot of lineups can be performed with this ability on every map. Recon Dart has a 40 second cooldown and lasts for five seconds when it lands on a surface or on the enemy. It can be easily shot down, so players must learn some great lineups so that this doesn't happen often.

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