All Astra nerfs in Valorant Episode 4 Act 2 and how it will dictate her place in the meta

Astra nerfs and buffs in Episode 4 Act 2 of Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Astra nerfs and buffs in Episode 4 Act 2 of Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant enthusiasts all over the world can expect a shift in the game's meta with the Astra nerf that is expected to arrive with Episode 4 Act 2.

Episode 4 Act 2 is scheduled to be released in the coming hours, as Riot Games is set to introduce a variety of changes to diversify the in-game Agent selection for its global community.

Astra Changes | #VALORANT ~ Max Stars Decreased from 5 -> 4~ Cooldown on retrieving a Star Increased from 14 -> 25~ Star Placement Distance increased by 3x.~ Gravity Well & Nova Pulse Cooldown Increased from 25s -> 45s AND neither affect anyone under the ability anymore.

Patch 4.04 will witness several influential Agent nerfs and buffs, along with competitive changes, bug fixes and adjustments in map-design. In addition to the highly anticipated Yoru buff, Valorant's latest Act will witness nerfs for Astra and Viper, paired with buffs for Omen and Brimstone.

Valorant will introduce Astra nerf in Episode 4 Act 2

According to Riot Games' official patch notes, Astra is due for the following changes in her playstyle:


  • Max Stars will be reduced from 4 to 5.
  • Cooldown on retrieving a Star will be increased from 14s to 25s
  • Stars placed during the Buy Phase can be picked up by Astra to refund their charge immediately
  • Max distance of Star placement will be increased from 10000 to 30000 to allow her to place Stars across the furthest corners of maps.

Gravity Well

  • Cooldown increased from 25s to 45s
  • Gravity Well size will be decreased from 525 to 475
  • Gravity Well no longer affects anyone fully underneath the Gravity Well.

Nova Pulse

  • Cooldown will be increased from 25s to 45s
  • Nova Pulse no longer affects anyone fully underneath the Nova Pulse.


  • Cooldown will be increased from 14 to 25
  • Nebula cooldowns are now sequential instead of simultaneous
  • Nebula size will be increased from 410 to 475

Astral Form

  • While in Astral form, pings are no longer blocked by level geometry that Astra cannot see
  • Astra’s targeting ring in Astral form will be reduced to one ring that reflects the now unified size of all her utility
  • Astra’s targeting ring no longer randomly disappears when aiming across some map locations
  • Increased the speed of the overlay that covers Astra’s screen when transitioning in and out of Astral form
  • Fixed an issue where Stars were placed slightly above the location Astra was targeting.

How will the upcoming changes affect Astra's position in the ongoing meta of Valorant?

Since the introduction of Astra in Episode 2 Act 2, the Agent has been one of the most favorable picks in the game's casual community as well as in professional esports.

When compared to Controllers like Viper, Omen and Brimstone, Astra has an efficient ability toolkit and a wider range of control over her ability usage. With abilities that can be deployed instantly, and short recharge times, Astra can use her abilities throughout the round while accessing the majority of the map.


However, with the changes arriving in Patch 4.04, Astra may lose her potential as the solo Controller in a few maps where she currently reigns, with teams edging towards a double Controller setup, or choosing between the inclusion of Omen and Brimstone.

Due to the reduced number of stars and the increased cooldown time for the abilities, players will be expected to increase the importance of each step they take with the Agent. This can lead to the rise of scenario-specific utility usage that can improve's Astra's potency in certain maps, while reducing it in the rest.

Valorant has also added in small buffs to Astra's star-placement to ensure her viability in competitive Valorant after the nerf. Riot will increase Astra's deployment range while bringing minor changes to her Astral Form to smoothen her gameplay.

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