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ESPL Valorant Power Up India is halfway through the Group Stages

ESPL Valorant Power Up India is halfway through the Group Stages (Image via ESPL)
ESPL Valorant Power Up India is halfway through the Group Stages (Image via ESPL)
Satyaki Das
Modified 18 Feb 2021

ESPL Valorant Power Up India Series Group Stages are almost done, with only two more groups left for the competition to move on to the playoffs.

Groups A and B of the ESPL Valorant Power Up India Series have finished their elimination process. Four teams have already qualified for the playoffs, which will start next week.

The following teams currently qualify for the playoffs:

Group A:

  1. Global Esports

Group B:

  1. Team Mahi
  2. Team TempesT

Each team that has finished first in their respective group will face a team that has finished second in another group in the playoffs.

Group B, Team TempesT has given tough competition to all the Valorant teams in the group. While Team Mahi may have secured victory in the Upper Brackets, TempesT is the one to look out for in the PlayOffs.


Team Mahi vs Lag! - ESPL Valorant Power Up India

The first match of the Group was between Team Mahi and LAG!, where both showed a tremendous performance from their respective sides.

LAG! being the underdogs, fought diligently throughout, maintaining a close gap in the scores. The first map was Split, which started as a very close fight. They secured the initial lead, but the score came to 6-6 after Excali's fabulous ace.

The second half was quite quick, as Team Mahi took advantage of the Defenders' side. The map ended with Mahi's 13-7 victory, with LAG! only taking the pistol round with them.

The second map was Icebox. What started as a Mahi lead ended with a 6-6 in the first half, with LAG! coming back into the attacking side. The second half also witnessed a fierce battle between the two.


The score equaled 10-10. Even after a rigorous effort from Con3, LAG! was defeated with a 13-10 score.

Team Kuch Bhi vs. Team TempesT - ESPL Valorant Power Up India

Unlike the previous match, the battle between Valorant teams Kuch Bhi and TempesT was not as.

The match started with the map Ascent, where initially both the teams struggled to get the lead. The first half ended in an 8-4 score with Kuch Bhi leading.

While Kuch Bhi utilized the defending side in the first half, Team TempesT failed to do so. As a result, the match ended in a 13-6 victory for Kuch Bhi.

The second map was Icebox, where TempesT looked way more confident than before. Unlike the last map, the match started with Kuch Bhi trailing. TempesT pulled off brilliant executions from both sides, managing to secure a 13-7 victory.

Valorant matchups led to a third map, Split. The final map started with TempesT winning the first couple of rounds. But Kuch Bhi counter-attacked and got back on track, taking a huge lead of 7-3.


However, TempesT's Kubrix took a brilliant ace, and they managed to equal the score to 8-8. Following this, TempesT took advantage of the defense and did not let a single round go through. TempesT won the Valorant match with a score of 13-8.

Team Mahi vs. Team TempesT - ESPL Valorant Power Up India

The final match of the Upper Bracket of Group B was between Team Mahi and TempesT.

The first map was Haven, where both teams fought in an unyielding manner. However, after the first couple of rounds in the initial half, Team Mahi took off with a huge lead. After not letting go of a single round in the second half, Mahi secured victory in the first map with a score of 13-5.

The second map was Split, where TempesT looked fresh and attacked beautifully. But Mahi did not let that last long as they took over the scoreboard, leading with 6-4.

An unfortunate incident with HellffR's powercut led to the rest of the match being played in a 4v5 situation. This affected Mahi badly as they lost to TempesT with a score of 13-7.


The final map was Ascent, where Vibhor replaced HellffR. On this map, Mahi took the lead on the attacking side, gaining a massive advantage. Mahi did lose a round of pistols in the second half but did not give away any more rounds. They finally snatched victory with a score of 13-7 and were first in the group.

The Lower Bracket saw TempesT grabbing the 2nd spot in the group after defeating Kuch Bhi in a tight Valorant matchup. Hence qualifying for the ESPL Valorant Power Up India playoffs. The elimination process for Group C starts today and will be streamed live on the Skyesports YouTube Channel.

Published 18 Feb 2021, 14:24 IST
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