Gekko in Valorant: Release date, all abilities, Agent class, and more

Valorant Gekko release date, agent class, and ability kit details (Image via Twitter/@ValorLeaks)
Valorant Gekko release date, agent class, and ability kit details (Image via Twitter/@ValorLeaks)

Valorant is Riot Games' most popular first-person shooter (FPS) title in the hero-shooter genre. A new character that's going to be included in the game was recently revealed in the VCT LOCK//IN 2023 showmatch. Agent Gameplay Designer Ryan Cousart took the stage and discussed Gekko’s debut and his kit.

This entity can use a set of pets to activate different abilities. The Agent can temporarily blind, throw high-damage moly, stun as well as detect, and even disable enemies in a small area of effect. Gekko is slated to release alongside the Episode 6 Act 2 update in March 2023's second week. Here is a detailed look at the character.

Valorant Gekko release date, Agent class, and abilities explained

Riot Games takes the lead when it comes to introducing new playable content Valorant. The developers also implement fresh ideas and create new Agent ability kits. The publisher revealed Gekko before the showmatch itself in VCT LOCK//IN 2023. His abilities and their mechanics were showcased during the match.

Release date

Gekko is scheduled to debut in Valorant’s roster on March 7 or 8 depending on the region you're in. The update will also kickstart Episode 6 Act 2 in Riot’s popular hero-shooter.

Agent class and abilities

Gekko will be introduced in Valorant as an Initiator. The Agent will have a total of four abilities that he can use with the help of some pets.

Here is a list of his moves in the entire kit, along with a short description for each:

  • Mosh Pit: Use it to deploy a green gooey grenade. The mosh pit lands and spreads across a small area. Then, it explodes after a short delay. This ability cannot be reused.
  • Wingman: Gekko can deploy one of his pets in the line of sight. The companion can bounce off of walls alongside detecting and stunning enemies in a conical zone. Players can also use this ability to plant or defuse the spike. It turns into an orb when it expires and can be picked up. The ability goes into a cooldown and can then be reused.
  • Dizzy: This is the signature ability of Gekko. Use it to deploy a pet that can travel forward for a short time in the same direction. It can blind nearby enemy Agents by partially blocking their vision. It can be picked up and reused after a short cooldown as well.
  • Thrash: Fire this one to launch a bigger pet that shares its vision with Gekko. You can steer it and press Fire again to make the pet lunge toward an enemy. When this companion expires, enemies in the area of effect are temporarily detained. Thrash can be picked up as an orb after it expires as well but can be reused only once.

The introduction of an initiator agent who can deploy damaging grenades, temporarily blind enemy Agents, and detain them as well can be expected to change the entire team composition meta.

The uniqueness of Valorant’s Gekko and his ability kit has caught the playerbase by surprise. The Agent will not directly cast any of the abilities but rather use a set of pets to fight for the match's objectives. Be sure to follow Sportskeeda for the latest update.

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