How to get VCT LOCK//IN drops: Locked In title, Dad Hat buddy, and more

How to obtain in-game items through VCT LOCK//IN drops (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to obtain in-game items through VCT LOCK//IN drops (Image via Sportskeeda)

As the VCT LOCK//IN nears the time schedule, fans will be happy to learn that they can obtain Twitch drops consisting of in-game items by watching the tournament stream. These will be free for all players to collect as long as they fulfill the required criteria.

VCT LOCK//IN is set to kick off the 2023 season of Valorant esports from February 13 to March 4. The event will be held at the Ginásio do Ibirapuera in São Paulo, Brazil, where fans can attend the tournament live upon purchasing tickets. It will feature all 30 partnered Valorant rosters and two invited Chinese teams.

Obtaining the Dat Hat buddy and Locked In title through VCT LOCK//IN streams

Much like other events, Riot Games is once again giving Valorant viewers a chance to get their hands on exclusive event items. While there are only two to collect this time around, there is a chance that the developer might introduce more of these in the future.

VCT LOCK//IN Drops | #VALORANT > Watch a Live Game from Feb 13 - Mar 4 to earn the “Locked In” Title.> Watch a Live Game from Mar 4 to earn the Dad Hat Buddy.

Here's how to acquire all VCT LOCK//IN drops:

  1. Watch any live game of VCT LOCK//IN from February 13 to March 4 to get the 'Locked In' title in-game.
  2. To earn the Dad Hat gun buddy, watch any live game of the said event from March 4. As it will be the final day of the tournament, one will only get the exclusive item upon watching the Grand Finals.

Viewers will have to follow the aforementioned steps in order to acquire the items from the LOCK//IN drops. One can also possibly acquire a single one from the list as Riot hasn't set any prerequisites. These items will no longer be available to obtain once the event is over, hence Valorant fans should collect them while they have the chance.

They will have to link their Twitch account with their respective Riot IDs before streaming live matches to acquire the offerings.

More about the VCT LOCK//IN

The LOCK//IN tournament will only be a part of the VCT 2023 season as future Valorant Champions Tour seasons will feature splits of three Valorant Franchise Leagues.


This makes LOCK//IN a rather special event for Valorant esports as fans will get to see 30 franchised teams along with two invited squads take on each other for a trophy. The prize pool of the tournament is set to be around $500,000. With that being said, gamers can also purchase the LOCK//IN capsule, from where 50% of the proceedings will be shared among the teams.

Hence, fans can get their hands on the exclusive capsule to support the participating teams during the 2023 VCT season. The capsule will feature a variety of cosmetics, along with a single melee weapon skin with three variants.

Where to watch

While viewers will be able to capture the event live from the official VCT accounts on YouTube and Twitch, tuning into their favorite streamer's watchparty is also a great option.


The first VCT LOCK//IN match is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 13, 2023, at 9 am PST/6 pm CET/10:30 pm IST, where KOI will take on NRG Esports. The tournament will be split between two groups, namely Alpha and Omega.

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