Valorant's Gekko reveal trailer shows new Agent with spike plant ability

The new Agent trailer in Valorant is here (Image via Riot Games)
The new Agent trailer in Valorant is here (Image via Riot Games)

Riot Games released the trailer for its newest Agent in Valorant, Gekko, on March 4, 2023. The trailer showcased his personality, which feels young and fresh, and gave the community a look into his abilities.

The Agent is an Initiator and has the classic information-gathering and crowd control abilities in his kit. All his abilities involve creatures that he summons doing his dirty work for him. What sets his kit apart from other Initiators', nay all other Agents', is one of his ability's potential to get the Spike down and defuse it.

Gekko is coming to Valorant soon, and there is a good chance that he will shake up the meta, considering Riot has always hit the mark with its Initiator Agents in Valorant.

Everything we know about Valorant's new Agent, Gekko, from the trailer


The trailer for the new Agent shows him getting ready to meet Reyna, who is most likely here to pick him up for recruitment into the Valorant Protocol. His abilities are as follows:

  • Dizzy (E)
  • Wingman (Q)
  • Mosh Pit (C)
  • Thrash (X)

While the Agent reveal trailer doesn't go into detail about what the abilities do in-game, it did hint at how they might look and function.

The first ability we get acquainted with is Gekko's Wingman. We see the creature in the video taking a glass of boba tea from his hand and dunk into a nearby trash bin. While he does it, the background music makes space for the sound of the Spike getting planted.

We are then introduced to his Dizzy ability, a blue, shelled creature, as Gekko goes onto a basketball court and tries to hit a shot. At first, he cannot convert a shot, but then Dizzy comes to his aid. It flies up how he would in-game and shoots a beam that helps him convert the shot.

The third ability of Gekko that we get introduced to is his ultimate, Thrash. In the trailer, Thrash escapes from Gekko's kit and crawls under the seat on the train as we enter its POV. He spots a Kingdom poster, immediately perceives it as an enemy and tries to hit it. This might be an insight into his affiliations against Kingdom, the monopolistic force in Valorant's lore.

The trailer doesn't show Mosh Pit clearly except at the end when Gekko finally meets Reyna.


The new Agent drops at the start of Episode 6 Act 1 on March 7 or 8, depending on where you play from, along with the new Oni 2.0 skin bundle. For more details on his abilities, check out this article.

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