Valorant Oni 2.0 skin collection: Release date, weapons, price, and more

The Oni 2.0 skin bundle is finally coming to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
The Oni 2.0 skin bundle is finally coming to Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

The long-awaited Oni 2.0 skin collection is finally coming to Valorant in Episode 6 Act 2. The trailer was dropped earlier today on Valorant's official Twitter handle. The bundle will contain both gun skins and a brand-new melee weapon.

Oni was one of the first skins added after the game was released outside the beta. The original bundle contained a Phantom skin that has remained a favorite in the community. Players have been waiting for more skins featuring the Oni mask since Riot started releasing new editions of old skins.

There has been consistent hype surrounding the Oni 2.0 for a while, and players will be excited to see it finally arrive in the game. This article will explore everything about the new skin bundle from the upcoming patch.

When is the Oni 2.0 skin bundle coming to Valorant?

The new skin bundle has been confirmed to drop with the start of Episode 6 Act 2 on Tuesday, March 7, 2023. The patch for the Act will drop at 2 pm PST for North American players.

The corresponding timings for those playing on the Mumbai server are 3:30 am IST the next day. The skin should appear in the shop immediately after you update the game post-maintenance.

The following sections will dive deep into the weapon skins in the Oni 2.0 bundle, their price, and other details.

What weapon skins will be part of the Oni 2.0 bundle?

The following gun skins will be part of Valorant's upcoming Oni 2.0 bundle:

  • Vandal
  • Bulldog
  • Ares
  • Frenzy
  • Melee - Katana

The revamped Oni bundle features the same aesthetic as the original. Each weapon will have four original variants: red (default), green, white, and black. Along with the new guns, it will include a similar animation, killer banner, and finisher.

One inclusion that was slightly amiss in the original Oni bundle was the lack of significant SFX. Perhaps this version will also feature a sound effect when shooting the gun to make it more fun. Moreover, this skin features the Vandal as the primary rifle, so there is a wider chance of adding sound effects than the Phanom's suppressed firing sound.

The highlight of the bundle is definitely going to be the Oni Katana, which looks spectacular in the skin's official trailer in Yoru's hand. It is a major upgrade from the original Oni claw while featuring similar light trails depending on the color of the equipped variant. Getting knife kills is fun, but cutting through enemies with this version will look marvelous.

Price of the new Valorant skin bundle

The original Oni skins bundle was part of the Premium tier, so these will follow the same trend as other revamped skins like Prime 2.0 and Reaver 2.0. Premium weapon skins are priced at 1775 VP for gun skins and 3550 VP for melee ones. The total bundle will be priced at 7100 VP.

Note that the melee skin is free if you purchase the entire bundle. However, there is a chance that the Oni Katana might be priced higher than regular melees because of the special design elements and animation it offers. A similar pattern was observed with the Reaver Karambit, which cost 4350 VP.

It has been a while since Valorant released a skin bundle with animations. The Oni 2.0 brings a lot of callback value and simultaneously feels like a breath of fresh air for players. It is sure to become extremely popular as soon as it drops.

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Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul