Valorant's Ion 2.0 skin collection set to have 3 unique variants

Ion 2.0 to release with three unique variants in the upcoming Valorant patch (Image via Sportskeeda)
Ion 2.0 to release with three unique variants in the upcoming Valorant patch (Image via Sportskeeda)

Based on recent leaks, Valorant's Ion 2.0 cosmetic collection will have three unique variants. Although there has been no official word from Riot Games regarding the bundle's release, it is expected to launch alongside the next Act in Episode 5.

Ion 2.0 Variants will include Blue/White, Green/Black, and Yellow/Red. | #VALORANT

Fans have been extremely excited to see the popular skinline return after Reaver released its second set. Ion has been one of the most popular collections in the game ever since its premiere. Phantom players highly recommend Ion due to its stylish looks and sci-fi visuals that come with the feeling of a lightweight rifle.

Recent leaks confirm that Riot Games are looking forward to releasing Ion 2.0 with three beautiful variants for fans to choose from.

Valorant to introduce Ion 2.0 with three gorgeous variants in upcoming Act

The Ion skin line is preferred by players who love playing with weapons like the Phantom and the Operator due to their clean style and sci-fi sound effects. After many Episodes, the popularity of the bundle gave Riot Games the chance to release the skinline for a different set of weaponry for fans.

Prominent leaker, @ValorLeaks on Twitter, confirmed that Valorant will be introducing Ion 2.0 with three completely unique variants. Just like any other bundle, fans will be able to access these re-colors through Radianite Points after purchasing the skins.

The three variants for Ion 2.0 are as follows:

  • Blue/White
  • Green/Black
  • Yellow/Red

These variants will be available for every single weapon in the bundle and players will be able to pick their desired re-color based on their preferences.

New Bundle: Ion 2.0 | #VALORANT Includes: Vandal, Ares, Spectre, Frenzy, and Karambit

Leaks about Ion 2.0's release have been out on social media for a while now. The bundle is set to be released with patch 5.08 according to the leaks online. Players can expect a different set of weapons that will feature Ion 2.0 as the first iteration was widely popular.

According to reports online, the featured weapons in the Ion 2.0 bundle are as follows:

  • Frenzy
  • Vandal
  • Ares
  • Spectre
  • Melee (Karambit)

Valorant's widespread popularity initially began with the many skinlines it could offer with beautiful visuals. Ion being one of them, it has fans excited that the beloved set will be available once more for a different set of weapons.


Vandal is the most popularly used rifle in Valorant, according to statistics. Ion featuring the gun will give fans all the more reasons to opt for the weapon. Since Ion 2.0 will also be featuring a melee Karambit according to the leaked images, the anticipation for the bundle is even more exciting.

A new bundle usually enters the Valorant store a day after the deployment of a new Act. It can be expected that Ion 2.0 will be the first skin set to step into the store once Episode 5 Act 3 begins.

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