"We are entering in Valorant esports soon": Chemin Esports' Ishan Verma and Krantiveer in AMD Skyesports Souvenir Championship 

Chemin Esports' Valorant squad coming soon to the competitive scene(Image via Sportskeeda)
Chemin Esports' Valorant squad coming soon to the competitive scene(Image via Sportskeeda)
Rishab Chakladar

Valorant esports has seen significant growth in the South Asian region over the last couple of years. Since its release in mid-2020, the game has developed a strong community and opened up several opportunities for players and esports organizations. Many tournament organizers, investors, and companies have come forward to support it and make it more successful.

Skyesports, one of the most renowned esports organizations in the country, recently hosted the Souvenir Championship in association with AMD. It was the first Valorant LAN event in the South Asian region. The event was a magnificent one with some top-notch action. Global Esports won the event by defeating Enigma Gaming in the Grand Final.

Skyesports invited many renowned personalities from the Indian Gaming community to the event. Chemin Esports' Founder and Owner Ishan Verma and their Head of Esports Vagish "Krantiveer" Sharma were also invited to the event. Sportskeeda Esports approached them to learn about their future plans as an organization and both of them hinted at entering the Valorant Esports competitive scene in the near future.

Chemin Esports' Valorant roster may participate in the next Skyesports event:

Q. Tell us how you feel after attending the AMD Skyesports Souvenir Championship? Did you enjoy the matches?

Ishan: It was really great to see how Shiva (Skyesports' Founder/CEO) and his team is organizing the event. I never expected a LAN event to be hosted this early due to COVID restrictions. But they have done it, and it is well-organized as well, and now it is forcing us to enter into Valorant esports as well.

The fans' support during AMD Skyesports Souvenir, Mumbai 2022 was in high spirits. This is what LAN is all about. You come, cheer for your teams and make esports memorable. Thank you so much to all the fans who dropped by! 🫰You are all precious to us🫰#LegacyBegins #LANisBack

Q. So, as you mentioned earlier, when will we see Chemin Esports in Valorant esports?

Kranti: See, we saw this event, and it was fabulous. We have seen the competition and in my opinion, it will increase even more in the near future. This has already made us concentrate more eagerly into this matter. We will now push our limits and bring in players who are yet to make their mark in the scene. We will bring out those talents.

OG (Orangutan Gaming) has done an excellent job by bringing in players from outside (the team is expected to be of 2 Indians, 1 Pakistani and 2 SEA players). We are not looking the same way, but it will surely be surprising for the fans.

Q. So Chemin Esports is eyeing on the outside as well for their lineup?

Kranti: See, the talent we currently have in the country is truly remarkable. We are looking for both in the country as well as outside. We also want to bring a fresh faces for Indian teams to face because if you don't give them a new challenge, how can they perform at the international level?

Ishan: We will be keeping a close eye on Skyesports' upcoming event (Skyesports Championship Series). We can probably find some players from there as well. Let's see.

Q. In the next Skyesports event (after SCS) will we see Chemin Esports competing?

Ishan: Yes. Hope so.

Q. Tell us something about Chemin Esports' future plans as well.

Ishan: We are trying to expand into more games, and we are making Chemin Esports into a core esports organization. Our focus is completely on esports and building the esports ecosystem in India.

We are focusing more on other mobile games as well as PC games. Apart from Valorant, we are targeting COD Mobile as well. We are also trying to enter Asian Games events like Hearthstone, FIFA, and more.

Q. Why are you guys not expanding on content creation as you are doing in esports?

Ishan: As I said earlier, we want to make Chemin a core-esports organization first. So our aim, for now, is only esports. However, we are building a new content house, and that will be revealed soon. However, our focus is fully on expanding in esports.

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