"Riot didn't accept this loan because of contractual reasons": kennyS on being denied a potential move to Valorant

kennyS talks about his potential switch from CS: GO to Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
kennyS talks about his potential switch from CS: GO to Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
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French CS: GO star kennyS recently opened up about being denied a temporary move to Valorant's esports scene. Rumors of him making a professional switch to Riot Games' tactical shooter have been flying for the last few days.

Based on the rumors, kennyS was expected to make the switch to OG's roster to aid them in their Valorant Regional League (VRL) campaign.


While no official comment was given prior to his update, sources online mentioned that the player had attended tryouts to join OG on a loan from G2 Esports. However, kennyS recently gave an update on his career on YouTube and Twitter, clearing the air around the situation.

Riot Games denies kennyS a potential loan move to OG's Valorant roster

Over the years, several top-tier professionals have switched over to Valorant after an elaborate career in CS: GO. KennyS is one such player that the Valorant community would welcome with open arms.

KennyS has been inactive in the professional sphere since early 2021, switching to the role of a streamer for his current CS: GO team, G2 Esports. Over the past few days, however, the player has been linked to OG for a potential loan move.

Regarding Valorant leaksRead:

In his tweet, kennyS confirmed that he made an attempt to join OG's roster on a loan move around two months ago. He said:

"I was supposed to play professionally on Valorant for a short time (about 2 months) through a loan transfer from G2 to OG. With this opportunity, my goal was to prove myself on the Valorant scene and what I was able to do in this game."

While he was excited about a potential switch in careers, his temporary transfer move was hindered by conditions in his contract with G2 Esports. He further stated:

"Unfortunately, Riot didn't accept this loan because of contractual reasons, I don't blame anyone, it is what it is."

While the specifics are unknown, kennyS' link to CS: GO in his contract with G2 is reportedly an issue that prompted Riot Games to deny him a potential transfer.

Since the player initially joined G2 with a CS: GO contract, it is likely that he is still under the same agreements. Considering this, Riot Games could prevent teams from signing players who are still under contract with CS: GO organizations.

OG had a disappointing start to their VCT season. However, they enjoyed a great run in VRL France Revolution, finishing in the tournament's top 4. The possible addition of kennyS would have helped the team in their efforts to win the VRL, thereby improving their chances of qualifying for Stage 2 of VCT 2022.

More about kennyS

Kenny "kennyS" Schrub is renowned for being one of the greatest AWPers in CS: GO's history, and has enjoyed an elaborate career which spanned over nine years.

He represented teams like Team LDLC, Titan, Team EnVyUs, and most recently, G2 Esports. However, kennyS has been inactive in pro esports since March 2021, and has continued with G2 Esports as one of their official streamers.


KennyS is renowned for his aggressive style of AWPing, which has caught the attention of audiences worldwide throughout the years. His flamboyant style of wielding the AWP has succeeded in inspiring a generation of gamers as well.

Since his inactivity from CS: GO, kennyS has been seen streaming Valorant on several occasions. He participated in an exhibitional tournament as well, one being the BLAST Spike Nations in October 2021, where he represented Team France.

At 26 years of age, kennyS still has a playing career ahead of him as well. His achievements in Counter Strike Source and Counter Strike Global Offensive are remarkable, with several S-Tier accolades to his name, including a CS: GO major trophy and its MvP title (DreamHack Open Cluj⁠-⁠Napoca 2015).

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