Valorant leaks hint new Agent Deadlock's appearance and abilities

Valorant's new Agent Deadlock (Image via Twitter/@Valorleaks)

Valorant has been building up hype around upcoming Agent 23 with teasers for the last few days. According to reliable datamining sources, such as Twitter's @Valorleaks, this character has been confirmed by the developers to be a Sentinel called Deadlock. While Riot Games has done a great job of hiding Agent 23's appearance and abilities, the same have been leaked by dataminers ahead of her official release during the Grand Final of VCT 2023 Masters Tokyo.

That said, it is common for the Valorant community to be excited about such information. Here is everything that has been leaked about Deadlock so far.

Note: This article is based on leaks.

What will Valorant's new Agent Deadlock look like?

According to the image shared by @Valorleaks, the new Sentinel Agent in Riot Games' tactical shooter, called Deadlock, is a female. From the official teaser clips, it is possible to ascertain that she hails from a frigid region, and this is also reflected in the clothes she is seen wearing in the leaked image above.

Unlike the last released Agent, Gekko, Deadlock's expressions indicate that she means business and isn't looking to fool around. Other than that, the leaked image hints at some of her abilities as well.

Deadlock will most likely have a couple of different types of grenades and a disk, which will be part of her ability kit in-game. From all this, it can be determined that she is not a Radiant, leaving Sage as the only Sentinel with innate powers.

What abilities will the new Valorant Agent Deadlock have?

@Klaboratories leaked images of how Deadlock's abilities look. As mentioned earlier, her skills are based on the gadgets she carries around. One of these abilities looks like it will create barriers around itself when dropped on the ground.

The disk-like device is speculated to react to the sounds of footsteps, gunshots, etc. Whenever there is significant sound nearby, it will supposedly cause concussions in that area.

The third net-like ability, as can be seen in the image with Viper, is also expected to restrict the movement of enemies caught in it.

The final ultimate ability of Valorant's latest Agent will work like a hunter's net and will trap the foe it hits. After that, they will be pulled along a path. If the source of the net's threads is not destroyed before the caught gamer reaches it, they will die.

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