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Taking a look back at Valorant's Episode 1: Ignition throughout 2020

Valorant Episode 1: Ignition Image by Riot Games
Valorant Episode 1: Ignition Image by Riot Games
Modified 01 Jan 2021, 15:17 IST

Valorant officially launched on June 2nd, 2020. Episode 1 was titled Ignition.

With Episode 2 confirmed to launch in January 2021, Episode 1 is in its final chapter. So let’s take a look at the different acts in Episode 1: Ignition.

Valorant Beta

On April 7th, 2020, a new 5v5 competitive FPS game called Valorant was developed by Riot Games. Beta-keys were primarily distributed through twitch stream drops. Valorant got interest due to its unique art style. It was easy to pick up and hard to master. A formula that has seen success through the ages.

Valorant Episode 1: Ignition

Act- I


Valorant officially left the Beta phase and entered Act I on June 2nd, 2020. It introduced a new agent in the duelist Reyna. The Ascent map, inspired by Venice, Italy, was added to the map pool as the 4th map.

The battle pass costs 1000 valorant points or $9.99. Notable additions to the battle pass were the Kingdom collection, the Couture collection, and the Dot Exe collection cosmetic skins. 

Act- II


On 4th August 2020, Episode 1: Ignition introduced a new act. Act- II brought in Killjoy, a sentinel in the agent roster. A new game mode, called deathmatch, brought in much-requested diversity in the game modes.

The Act- II battle pass also brought in some quality cosmetic content, including the POLYfox collection, the Red Alert collection, and the Hivemind collection.

Act- III

13th October 2020 introduced the 3rd and final act in Episode 1:Ignition. Skye, an Initiator and a Radiant, entered the roster. A 5th map based on the cold regions of Russia, called Icebox, was introduced.

The 3rd battle pass brought some unique cosmetic skins, such as the Ruin collection, the Serenity collection, and the Surge collection. 


In 2020 Valorant came to the forefront to galvanize a saturated FPS esports tournament roster. Riot Games organized Valorant FIrst strike, a worldwide tournament held in 18 distinct regions.

A limited time mode called snowball fight was added for the holiday season and hinted towards Team Deathmatch's idea for a potential game mode. Riot Games also revealed its end of the year stats.

Valorant Episode: 2 is has been confirmed for January 2021 release. It will introduce a new agent, confirmed to be a duelist. There have already been multiple leaks regarding the 14th Valorant agent.

Nothing has been officially confirmed yet; however, fans are eagerly waiting for new Valorant content to play and enjoy 2021 and beyond.

Published 01 Jan 2021, 15:17 IST
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