Top 5 Melee skins in Valorant for 2550 VP or under

Melee skins in Valorant for 2550 VP or under (Image via Sportskeeda)
Cheap melee skins in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

While melee skins are the most expensive cosmetics in Valorant's arsenal, they are not always exorbitantly priced. Some are attractive and can be purchased in-game for much less Valorant points.

When compared to other weapons in Valorant's arsenal, the melee skins cannot be dropped in-game, making them more exclusive. With that being said, readers might be looking for some melee skins that can be bought for cheap.

Melee skins in Valorant that come for cheap

1) Tigris Sword

The collection includes a Sword Melee weapon, Shorty, Spectre, Phantom, and Operator sniper skins, along with a Chinese New Year celebration theme. In keeping with the Chinese New Year theme, the set's predominant colors are red and gold, with a Tiger head pattern appearing on some weapons (such as the sword's hilt).


On February 2, 2022, the Tigris Collection's Valorant Tigris Sword was made available at 2550 VP. While the bundle won't be available at the in-game store, players can get the melee weapon in their daily offers or the Night Market if they are lucky.

2) Nunca Olvidados Melee

The Nunca Olvidados melee was released on October 20, 2021. The pack comes replete with skins for Vandal, Ares, Bulldog, Melee, and Frenzy. The Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead" served as the inspiration for the set's warm, brilliant hues and floral patterns. Quite simply, this melee skin is one of the best looking yet cheap selections in Valorant.


In a similar regard, the Catrina Melee was initially priced at 2,550 VP when it was launched with the bundle. Like the rest of the melee weapons on this list, the skin will only be available in the in-game store or the Night Market for a significantly discounted price.

3) Luxe Melee Skin

The knife comes with a chic royal red accent and a slender profile. It has a leather handle and a lot of exposed steel, which gives it a rather antiquated appearance. Initially priced at 1750 VP, it can be obtained by spending real money.


The Luxe Collection was made accessible during the closed beta. It has a red/white pattern with a light gloss finish. A few of the skins also have levels where the colors can be changed. Furthermore, the third level of these skins features a special camouflage pattern.

4) Winterwunderland Candycane Melee


The three variations of the Candycane set, which went on sale on December 9, 2020, possess a snowglobe effect that changes the gun's representation of a village winter scene from day to night.

The feature depends on whether the weapon is in the shade or not. It comes at a cost of 2550 VP. The skins are appropriately designed for the Christmas holiday season, which has almost arrived.

5) Titanmail Mace

The entire price of the Titanmail skin set is 5,100 VP, while the individual weapons and mace cost 1,275 VP and 2,550 VP respectively. The Titanmail mace is part of the five-skin set known as the Titanmail Collection, which was released on May 11, 2022.


The entire package comes with the Mace Melee weapon, Frenzy pistol, Bucky, Vandal, and Ares. The Mace Melee weapon is an illustration of the medieval theme of the skinline, which features conventional plain metal and armor-style gun coatings.

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