5 most effective guns in Valorant Episode 4 Act 3 (and 5 not worth the value)

Five best and five poorest weapons in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Five best and five poorest weapons in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant players looking for the best guns to use and the ones they need to avoid buying in Riot Games’ tactical have landed in the right place. Learning about the best weapons they should and should not purchase in a round where the team economy is in a crunch can decide between winning and losing it.

The best Valorant users know about the most potent firearms and their stats and when they need to be bought. Choosing the right weapon and grinding it out on the way to mastery is an integral part of moving up the ranks in Valorant.

Quite a few of the weapons in Valorant have a Counter-Strike equivalent, as Riot developed these guns with inputs from numerous former CS professionals. Even then, there are a few critical differences in the handling and feel of all the weapons.

If gamers haven’t played a Counter-Strike-style shooter before this, it might all feel extremely new to them.

Valorant’s arsenal is quite huge, and the title offers top-of-the-line gunplay. It is essential to know what guns to buy at the start of each round. It can be daunting for newbies to try out all these weapons and learn about them.

In Valorant, individuals must control their economy to succeed. In the first round, they are only able to buy a pistol. From this round onwards, it’s vital to have the team and individual economy to maximize the advantage.

Players must also try and destroy the enemy team’s economy by either saving or spending, depending on how well the team performs in each round. They lose all of the weapons they bought at the start of the round if they lose it, making it all the more important to purchase weapons carefully.

Five most amazing weapons in Valorant

1) Vandal


As per many professional gamers, the Vandal is the best assault rifle in the game as it can get lethal headshots at any distance. It is Valorant’s answer to Counter Strike’s AK-47 which makes it the weapon of choice if users have the economy built up.

The Vandal’s recoil is quite reminiscent of the AK-47 from Counter-Strike, as it is pretty extreme. There’s no question of bringing the recoil under control after a few bullets exit the muzzle.

The Vandal is an excellent choice for those who have pinpoint accuracy, but it’ll punish anyone who isn’t accurate with their aim. It’s a decent weapon for one-tapping opponents with a brutal headshot, but it falls short when engaging multiple enemies.

2) Operator


The Operator in Valorant, quite akin to its Counter-Strike counterpart, the AWP, can take out enemies at any distance. Most of the time, a body shot is enough to kill them.

Although it might seem overpowered, it’s a pretty tricky weapon to handle for beginners. The Operator is also the most expensive firearm in Valorant’s arsenal, making buying it a tough decision, especially when the economy is tight.

If economy isn’t an issue or if it’s in the hands of the right player, there isn’t any other weapon that can secure an easy victory as the Operator. It’s the best weapon to complement assault rifle players in the team, and an Operator makes the side quite well balanced.

It performs poorly at close range, and legendary no-scopes are hard to get when matched with an able enemy.

3) Phantom


The Phantom in Valorant is quite similar to the M4 from Counter-Strike, which is incredibly accurate with contained weapon spray and recoil. Burst fire is the way to go with this weapon, as a few shots to the head or chest are enough to get the job done.

This is the assault rifle to use when engaging multiple enemies, as users can easily transfer weapon spray between numerous enemies.

The magazine capacity is 30, which is a bit bigger than that of the Vandal, and this helps with engaging multiple opponents. The weapon is a dream to handle as there is minimal recoil compared to the other assault rifles in the title’s arsenal.

The Phantom is the ideal firearm to use when engaging enemies at short to medium range.

4) Spectre


The Spectre is the SMG of choice in Valorant and is quite helpful in soft-eco rounds. Gamers can use it to turn the tide of battle against more expensive weapons on the list due to its effectiveness.

It is an excellent firearm for hyper-aggressive rushes and short-range clashes and is especially useful in maps with small contained areas.

It’s more expensive than the other SMGs, but that’s balanced out by the incredible accuracy it provides. The Spectre deals quite a lot more headshot damage than the Stinger.

The best way to use this firearm is in short 3-round burst fires aimed at the opponent’s head. It also has lower rates of fire but has more range as a result.

5) Sheriff


This weapon feels like the Deagle from Counter-Strike, and quite similarly, it can take out enemies from afar with a headshot, even if the latter has armor. The Sheriff isn’t a beginner weapon at all, as it takes quite a lot of practice to understand. Even then, getting a headshot on a skilled enemy can be very hard.

If players have next to godly aim, this is the weapon of choice. Although the Sheriff is quite a costly pistol to wield, it packs a punch. The wall penetration on this firearm is pretty high, although the rate of fire is meager.

It is one of the best weapons for an economy round and is quite useful for smurfs to flex their skills in the lower brackets.

Five most inadequate weapons in Valorant

1) Shorty


The Shorty is the cheapest weapon in Valorant, and for good reason. It can be effective in low economy rounds or when holding tight corners.

The gun has a magazine capacity of only two rounds, and it can be challenging to miss two shots and stay alive even in lower ranks.

Most pellets can take out an unarmored opponent in a single shot, but it can only be managed when they are very close. Alternatively, it can be used as a cheap secondary weapon when using the Operator.

2) Stinger


The Stinger is a pretty costly weapon in Valorant compared to the firepower it provides. It has a magazine capacity of only 20 rounds, and the fire rate is 18 rounds a second.

All it takes is a bit more than a second to empty the entire clip, and the damage is pretty low compared to other weapons on this list.

The alt-fire mode is a bit better, and gamers can use it over mid to long ranges. There is minimal recoil on this weapon, up until eight rounds.

3) Bucky


The Bucky is a cheap shotgun in Valorant with very low wall penetration. It has a magazine capacity of only five rounds and is a semi-automatic weapon. Although it has a lot of potential, most users will find it difficult to use it in most scenarios.

This firearm can take down unarmored foes only if they are within 10 meters. It is a pretty forgettable weapon nonetheless. Individuals will find that this usage of this weapon becomes rarer as they move up the ranks.

4) Bulldog


The Bulldog is a fully automatic weapon in Valorant that costs 2050 creds. It is a tough weapon to recommend since there’s the Vandal and the Phantom available at 2900 creds, both of which excel at gunning down enemies.

The Bulldog has a magazine capacity of 24 rounds, with medium wall penetration ability. It takes two hits to the head to down an enemy but has terrible horizontal recoil.

Switching to the alt-fire mode can net players a few kills from long distances, so it’s certainly not entirely valueless.

5) Ares


The Ares is a Valorant gun useful in lower-ranked matches or when users are feeling a little cute. It isn’t made for holding long angles, but gamers can use it for wallbangs in certain areas of specific maps. This weapon can also be mildly helpful when dealing with multiple enemies.

The Odin is its bigger and better brother, which beats out the Ares in almost all departments. The latter has a mag size of 50, though, and can be used very well to deal with smoke rushes or rushes through confined spaces.

The Ares does effective damage at close to medium range, although the recoil worsens after the first ten shots, and the fire-rate increases when holding down the mouse key.

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