Top 5 Operator skins in Valorant for 1775 VP or under

Best budget friendly Operator skins in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)
Best budget friendly Operator skins in Valorant (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant has some of the best weapon skins among first-person shooter titles. These skins aren’t just visually appealing, but they also have sound effects and kill animations.

Most of these skins come with different variants and upgrades, which can be availed through Radianite Points (RP).


However, the problem with Valorant skins is that they can sometimes be too costly. They start at a price point of 875 VP ($10) and can go upwards to 2475 VP ($30). Moreover, players who want upgrades will have to shell out extra Radianite Points.

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5 best value-for-money Operator skins in Valorant


The Operator is one of two sniper rifles in Valorant. It enables players to one-shot enemies across all ranges.

It is a costly weapon in the game but can be quite deadly in the right hands. Having the best skin equipped for the weapon can enhance the sniping experience to a great extent.

Here are the five best Operator skins that players can get on a budget in Valorant.

5) Magepunk Operator


The Magepunk Operator carries steampunk aesthetics. With electricity jolting through the weapon, the skin looks amazing. In terms of sound effects, it feels like firing a laser weapon manufactured in a steampunk lab. It features a glass barrel with electricity inside it. This makes it seem like the weapon shoots bullets made of lightning.

The Magepunk Operator skin is available for 1775 VP ($23). It has four variants and four upgrade levels.

4) Reaver Operator


The entire Reaver collection of skins in Valorant is a fan-favorite, and the Reaver Operator is no different. The reload animation on it along with the audio cue makes it one of the most loved skins in the game. Its strong silver accent on purple (by default) gives it a gothic vibe.

This mysterious skin is available for 1775 VP ($23). It has four variants and four upgrade levels.

3) Ion Operator


The Ion Operator skin is from the future. It is based on ion blasters that are featured in many works of science fiction. The bullet tracers leave a trail of blue light behind, which looks absolutely stunning. In the bullet chamber of the weapon, there is a blue ball of electricity that imitates bullets made from ions being shot.

The Ion Operator can be purchased for 1775 VP ($23). It has no variants but comes with four upgrade levels.

2) Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Operator


The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster is one of the most underrated Operator skins in Valorant. The skin gives it a bottle-like shape and the body of the weapon also has fun stickers. It represents a funky approach to the future and is quite fun to use.

The Gravitational Uranium Neuroblaster Operator can be purchased for 1775 VP ($23). The skin comes with four variants and two upgrade levels.

1) Infantry Operator


This WW2-era themed Operator skin in Valorant is the definition of simplicity. The skin only has what seems like a cloth wrapped around near the muzzle of the gun. The body is made of wood and it seems like the weapon has actually survived the war. It is one of the best bangs for the buck. No visual effects, no sound effects, or extra animation, making it less distracting while in the game.

The skin can be purchased for 875 VP ($10). It doesn’t come with any variants or upgrades.

These are some of the best budget options for Operator skins in Valorant. They provide money’s worth not only on the basis of visuals but also the experience. These skins aren’t always on the market, so players need to keep an eye on them when they appear in their stores.

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