Valorant Clove's lore: Story behind the latest Scottish Controller

Clove in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Clove in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

With the release of the recent Valorant patch, players are eager to know more about Clove's lore, the newest Controller-type Agent. Most players are enthusiastic to learn more about them as they are immortal and can simply revive themselves after dying. Despite being a Controller, Clove’s abilities allow them to fight for an extended amount of time.

If you're curious about Clove's lore and origins, this article has got you covered.

Valorant Clove's lore: Origins and more details

Clove's lore is still a mystery to the community, as the new Controller Agent has only been released recently. They assist their teammates by blocking crucial/choke points.

Valorant's newest Agent 25, originates from Edinburgh, Scotland. Omen discovered this Scottish Agent when he was away while looking for a journal connected to the Scions of Hourglass. After finding Clove, Omen informs Cypher that he discovered someone Brimstone would want to meet.

Unlike other Valorant Agents, Clove is immortal and they never spend too much time in the junction between life and death, the realm where Clove resides after dying.


In their Agent trailer, people can see Clove's younger self, who is upset because they felt helpless after discovering their Radiant skills at an early age. In a voicemail to Brimstone, Astra stated that immortality among the radiant is unprecedented, which worries her.

After handing Clove over to Valorant Protocol, he soon disappears, leaving them in the hands of Deadlock and Fade. In a mail to Brimstone, Deadlock expressed that Clove is smart, intuitive, and fearless, bringing an aloof vibe and lifting the spirits of other team members.

They also are the Dedicated Dungeon master of the Valorant Protocol’s Dungeons and Dragons game days. Clove can also sometimes be seen narrating the lore of various maps and strategies at the beginning of matches.

Deadlock’s mail to Brimstone regarding Clove is as follows:

"Omen Brought our new friend, as promised. They are Smart, Intuitive, and Certainly fearless. I’ll drill them on firearms until they are mission ready."

Clove has also volunteered to cure Reyna’s Younger sister, Lucia in a voice line. However, judging by that, Reyna may have declined Clove’s offer to use their life force.

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