Valorant's Agent 8 lore teased with Clove's voice line

Clove's voice lines teases lore related to Agent 8 (Image via Riot Games)

Since the release of Valorant, Riot Games has kept the Agent 8 lore a mystery to players. While the title has an ever-increasing roster of characters, players are still eager to know about the mission Agent. Recently, a Reddit post has shed some light on Agent 8’s mystery, bringing significant amounts of information for the Valorant players.

This article discusses the Reddit post regarding Agent 8 lore for those curious.

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Clove’s voice line teases Agent 8 lore in Valorant

As mentioned earlier, a recent Reddit post by the user u/Kmarrons disclosed some information regarding Agent 8 lore to the Valorant players. The user mentioned, that when they were playing a custom game with their friend, the new Controller Agent Clove, at the start of the match, had a voice line, which stated:

"So are we not gonna talk about the empty locker back at base? The one with a scratched-out 8? … anyone? No one? okay…"

This Clove voice line caught them off guard and led to assuming three things. First, no one in the organization forgot about Agent 8, who is still missing. Second, the developers/Riot Games might be keeping the mystery hype about Agent 8 for a little bit longer before they officially tease and release them in Valorant.

Third, there will possibly be more voice lines and mails between the in-game Agents regarding the Agent 8 lore in future updates and patches of the title.

In an AMA, the developers at Riot Games have also revealed that Agent 8 is not dead, according to the lore. They will be added to this tactical shooter’s ever-increasing Agent roster once they return from the expedition.

However, the devs have not officially revealed anything about Agent 8 yet, making their existence a mystery. Their debut will be one of the most anticipated Agent releases in Valorant.


Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter game developed by Riot Games, which has achieved great success upon its release. Recently, the developers have added a brand new Controller Agent Clove to the title, allowing players to unlock and enjoy them in their matches.

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