Valorant guide: How to play KAY/O on Lotus

Playing KAY/O on Valorant
Playing KAY/O on Valorant's new map Lotus (Image via Sportskeeda)

Lotus is the latest addition to the Valorant map pool. Launched with Patch 6.1, it is available to play in Competitive and Unrated modes of the game.

The new map in Valorant follows a three-site layout like Haven but is distinct in terms of structure. It has more complex, narrow and winding passages as well new mechanics such as rotating doors, breakable walls, and a silent drop. A varying range of elevations are also present within each site.

KAY/O belongs to the Initiator class of Agents in Valorant. He is the only one capable of causing the effect, Suppression, which renders opponents unable to use their utility kit. This, combined with the rest of his powers, which consist of flashes and a grenade, makes him a very powerful Agent on both attack and defense.

KAY/O's utility can get a lot of value in the narrow passages of Lotus. This guide will tell you how you can use his kit on both attack and defense in the latest map.

Playing KAY/O on Valorant's new map, Lotus


KAY/O's kit has everything you need to set yourself or your team up for success. However, the most important part of his kit is his knife, ZERO/POINT, that you get for free every round.

It grants information on enemies present its sphere of effect as well as disables them from using any utility for eight seconds. Knowing the lineups for this ability is very important in order to master KAY/O.

The following sections will tell you how to use each of his abilities while attacking and defending on Lotus.

How to attack on Lotus with KAY/O


KAY/O is one of the best Initiators to attack with in Valorant owing to his ability to suppress enemies while granting your team information on their approximate positions. One key thing to remember is ZERO/POINT is a rechargeable signature ability and you can use it multiple number of times in the round if you time them right.

You should learn a couple of lineups to safely scan whether defenders are pushing up areas like A-Main, C-Mound, or close near the entrance to the B-Site.

Once you know who is in the area, you and your team can easily push the suppressed enemies with a utility of your own. Doing this successfully will grant you a player-advantage early on in the round, or increased map control at the very least.


The next thing you want to do as KAY/O is alternate between playing as the Duelist on your team and playing on your own. This way, you will be able to get optimum value out of your underhand and overhand flash.

Your FRAG/MENT grenade might not be the best post-plant utility in Valorant, but it can be very useful in clearing tight corners such as A-Drop, B-Upper, and C-Bend. Try using it in combination with other crowd control utilities like Fade's Seize or Sage's Slow Orb to get free kills in these areas.

In attack rounds where you have your ultimate, you can consider leading the charge for your team as you will have an advantage in the fights owing to the combat stim. Even if you get downed in the process, your teammates can trade you and subsequently revive you to full HP.

How to defend on Lotus with KAY/O


When defending with KAY/O, you will want to collect information about where the attackers are leaning. Remember that catching no one with your recon abilities is also information. Therefore, you should use ZERO/POINT right as the barrier drops in areas like A and C-Lobby and B-Pillars.

Catching enemies with it will discourage them from rushing into a site when they don't have access to any utility. If you don't see anyone, consider moving a couple of players onto the other sites to strengthen your defense there.

You can use your flash and grenade to stall pushes. A well-placed FRAG/MENT can also get a kill or chip away at your opponents, granting you an advantage in the round.

NULL/CMD is one of the most powerful retake Ultimates in the Valorant. It prevents opponents from using post-plant utility, thereby making them entirely dependent on having to shoot you down. Your team can use this window of opportunity to get a ninja-defuse on the spike as well.

Following this guide will cover all the basics you need to know about playing KAY/O on the new Valorant map. As you play more and more games, you will get used to its structure and be able to figure out how to exploit its nuances.

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