Valorant guide: How to find spike after it's planted

How to find spike in Valorant after its planted (Image via Sportskeeda)
How to find spike in Valorant after its planted (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant provides both teams with equal opportunities in-game. The team gets to defend the bomb sites for a half and then gets to attack for the next. The only way defenders can secure and win a round is by eliminating the entire attacker team or defusing the spike.

The spike is a device that needs to be planted at one of the sites by the attacking team. Once the spike is planted, the defenders have limited time to disable it before it explodes. While there are different map structures and variations in the actual bomb site, the defending team might lose the entire round if they cannot find the spike in time.

Sound cues, default locations, and more spike-finding Valorant methods


Gathering information about the enemy team’s position and figuring out their strategy is a prime task in online multiplayer games like Valorant. Understanding the attacker side’s tactics can make defending a site easier and establish a more sound retake attempt.

Retaking is a general in-game term that players use on the defender side. It refers to the team trying to regain control of the bomb site and defuse the planted spike before time runs out. The final problem is being as efficient as possible and finding the exact spot where the spike is planted.

Finding the spike post plant


Players can utilize many different ways to navigate toward the spike quickly. Here are some of the best ways to confirm where the spike has been planted as a member of the defending team.

1) Plant Sound

Players will receive a distinct sound cue when the attacker team plants the spike and puts it on the ground. For players who are nearby, a loud “thud” is audible and indicates that the spike has been activated.

2) Default locations

The bomb sites are not huge areas and offer limited post-plant playability for the attackers. Due to this, there are a certain number of spots where attacking teams prefer to plant the spike and secure an advantage over their enemies. Learning about these default locations for every map can help players find the spike faster.

3) Sound cue

The spike makes a continuous “beeping” sound audible when players close in on its exact location. This sound cue also indicates the time remaining for its detonation. This is also a helpful tool that can also help players determine which site is not the bomb site.

4) Heads-Up Display (HUD)

The upper HUD bar in Valorant provides information like the number of players alive in both teams and the time remaining for the round. When the spike gets planted, the middle icon changes and starts pulsing in the red color to indicate whenever the spike is planted.

5) Agent abilities

Several Agents in the game can remotely gather information from different areas of the map using their abilities. Players can use Sentinels like Cypher and Killjoy to determine if attackers have infiltrated the site and plan on planting it. This is a great way to trigger faster rotations and set up a retake with more time on hand.


This concludes the methods players can use in Valorant to find the spike after it gets planted. Be sure to follow Sportskeeda for the latest updates and more in-game guides.

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