Valorant ranked guide: 5 biggest mistakes that are making you lose Competitive games

Five mistakes made by players that holds them back from winning in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)
Five mistakes made by players that holds them back from winning in Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

Valorant, as a competitive shooter, has gained a large number of players in the past two years. Ever since Riot Games released their tactical shooter back in 2020, a lot of players have migrated from other first-person shooters to find their new favorite competitive game.


The tactical aspect of Valorant is uniquely designed for players. It gives everyone a different experience with the Agents they can pick in the game. The ranked playlist is the most played game mode in Valorant. Many players struggle to maintain a decent rank, and some are yet to get their desired rank for a plethora of reasons.

Riot's shooters require players to master a handful of things before they can master the game. These include aim skills, movement, and utility usage. Most players who are stuck in the lower elos of the game fail to master these things.

What are the five biggest mistakes responsible for losing competitive games in Valorant?

Players in the lower ranked lobbies are often the victims of a lot of mistakes that are holding them back from getting a decent rank in the game. These mistakes can be avoided quite easily with simple solutions.

This listicle will point out the five mistakes made by players that make them lose competitive matches in Valorant

5) Not playing with a stack


Valorant is a team-based tactical shooter. Despite Riot Games discouraging players from queuing up with four others, it is still recommended that if one wants to rank up, one must get a decent stack.

Atleast a duo is a nice advantage to have over players in the lower lobbies. Communicating with your duo can make it a lot easier to win rounds in the game and it will also make the role selection in the game easier.

4) Not warming up


Much like working out, warming up before getting into a competitive match in Valorant can yield great advantages. Warming up can improve rusty aim and provide confidence before picking gun fights.

Warming up calibrates your brain to focus more on the game. Some of the best ways to warm up in the game are Deathmatches and Spike rushes. Players can also use third-party aim training software such as Aim labs and Kovaacs to train their aim before playing the game.

3) Not communicating enough


Many players shy away from using their microphones in the game. Valorant is a team-based game where information is of paramount importance. Without proper communication, players cannot expect to win games or rank up in the shooter.

Most Agents from the roster require players to synergize with them with another Agent, hence, the role selection is much more diverse in the game compared to other competitive games. It is recommended that players use maximum communication to win more matches.

2) Playing after multiple losses


Most players who tend to lose ranked matches in Valorant are the ones with a poor mentality. Malding after losing a match can affect the player's mental health, and continuing after losing multiple games can make it even worse.

It is recommended to take a break if the loss-streak is getting higher. A fresh start after sometime can ensure victories. Playing with a poor state of mind can only make the experience worse for the player.

1) Blaming teammates


One of the most obvious and common reasons for players to lose ranked games is putting the blame on someone else. While it is true that not all teammates are perfect, it is also important to note that the player can also bofresponsible.

It is easier to fix your attitude in a ranked game than fixing someone else's playstyle. A lot of it comes down to communication rather than blaming another person for the loss. Most players in the lower ranks are victims of this very common mistake.

Players who wish to win more competitive games in Valorant can take notes from the aforementioned points and apply them to make their experience more pleasant.

While most points around the internet are related to improving the mechanical skills of the gamer, players also need to take care of a lot of other things.

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