Valorant upcoming Agent BountyHunter: Expected release date, abilities, and more

Riot Games teases its upcoming Valorant Initiator agent "BountyHunter", who can hunt down enemies (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riot Games teases its upcoming Valorant Initiator agent "BountyHunter", who can hunt down enemies (Image via Sportskeeda)

Currently, Valorant has eighteen agents for players to choose from and become a master at. Out of these, six are duelists, while the rosters of initiators, controllers, and sentinels have fallen short.

In Valorant's latest video, a new agent has teased who is supposed to be added to the roster of initiators in the game. Initiator agents help gather intel before entering and taking control of a particular site.

This helps in knowing the position, the number of players holding angles, and the presence of possible traps.


What will be the abilities of the new initiator in Valorant?

Recently, a new agent has been teased by Valorant, who is not going to be a duelist. He is going to be an initiator originating from Turkey. His name has not been decided yet but comes with the codename "BountyHunter".

The addition of a new initiator will be a breath of fresh air for players after the recent introduction of Yoru Rework, Neon, and Chamber.

His abilities are yet to be known by the players in the community. However, based on the latest blog post from the developers, it can be said that "localized" initiation and recon tools were their primary focus.

By "localized" initiation, it can be assumed that the agent will help to gather close-range intel. They also prioritized identifying unique gameplay differences within the realm of recon/info.

Popular Valorant data miner "ValorLeaks" has said that "BountyHunter" might have a totem ability like Skye's Trailblazer. However, the agent's ability toolkit has not been officially revealed.

Valorant now boasts a respectable roster of agents to increase its firepower in the upcoming days. Currently, the game has eighteen agents, out of which six are duelists, four are sentinels, four are controllers, and four are initiators.

Dominated mainly by duelists, the inclusion of a new initiator will be a welcome change. This will help players gather information before entering a particular site in new ways, ultimately changing the ongoing meta.

When will the new agent be released?

The release date of the new agent is still awaiting an official announcement from Riot Games. However, a guess can be made that he will be introduced with the arrival of Episode 4 Act 3 on April 26, 2022.

The quote "Herkesin bir korkusu var" has been found in Valorant's latest blog post, which translates to "everyone has a fear" in English. This further confirms that the new agent has an origination in Turkey.

How is "BountyHunter" going to be different from the other initiators?

The current initiators in the game are Sova, KAY-O, Skye, and Breach. Other than Sova, no other agent reveals the exact location of the enemies. Skye might show the area briefly, but enemies can almost instantly relocate.

KAY-O reveals the number of agents approaching or holding a particular site while Breach's Aftershock deals damage to enemies hiding in a corner. The new agent will focus on gathering info in close quarters.

It is yet to be known if they will continue to reveal the exact location of enemies like Sova or give a brief idea about their presence like Skye, KAY-O, or Breach.

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