VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs Day 5 highlights: NRG send Team Liquid home, Paper Rex end EDward Gaming's run, and more

VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs Day 5 recap (Image via Riot Games)
VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs Day 5 recap (Image via Riot Games)

The fifth day of the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs has come to an end, with NRG and Paper Rex ending the tournament runs of Team Liquid and EDward Gaming, respectively. Four matches remain in the tournament, with four teams left in the running to lift the title and grant their region an extra spot at Valorant Champions 2023 held in Los Angeles.

Fans witnessed both matches going to all three maps filled with energetic and eye-catching moments. The games also featured brilliant mind games, beautiful mid-round adaptations, and innovative gameplay.

Everything to know about VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs Day 5

Day 5 of VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs featured a traditional EMEA versus Americas matchup between Team Liquid and NRG, followed by an all-Pacific clash between Paper Rex and EDward Gaming.

Match results

Here are the results of the games held in VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs Day 5:

  • Team Liquid vs. NRG (Match 1): Haven (12-14), Ascent (13-8), and Split (5-13)
  • Paper Rex vs. EDward Gaming (Match 2): Fracture (14-12), Split (9-13), and Lotus (13-8)

Top highlights

1) nAts lands an absurd spray transfer

Ayaz "nAts" Akhmetshin is one of the best players in the world, renowned for his sharp aim and immaculate game sense. He demonstrated these skills in Round 16 on Haven, where he was able to push into the window of Garage and land a nasty spray transfer to get three quick kills on an unsuspecting NRG. The lurker finished the play with a crisp headshot to put Team Liquid's eleventh round on the board.

2) Victor stands tall to shut down the attack

Victor "Victor" Wong is often regarded as one of the most explosive and volatile players in the VCT circuit and is well known for his flexible Agent pool. Victor came up clutch for NRG in Round 7 on Ascent as he was able to hold his ground and get two kills before confidently swinging to get the third kill on Team Liquid's A Main player.

3) Jinggg's crazy movement nets him two kills

Wang "Jinggg" Jing Jie has established himself as a world-class Duelist player and is recognized for his crazy and highly aggressive movement on Agent Raze. Jinggg displayed his mastery on Raze on Fracture against EDward Gaming as he was able to use both of his Blast Packs to land on top of the box on B Tree to pick off two members of EDward Gaming posted up outside of A Main.

4) Nobody outsmarts CGRS to win the 1v3

Wang "nobody" Senxu has been the unsung hero at VCT Masters Tokyo for EDward Gaming with his great utility usage and intelligent decision-making, winning them numerous rounds, such as Round 20 on Split against Paper Rex. Nobody dispatched two players of Paper Rex before spotting CGRS creeping up A Screens into A Ramps with a Trailblazer. Nobody used this information to smartly fire his gun to fake a drop to the lower ground. CGRS bit the bait as Nobody laid in wait to finish off a brilliant sequence of play.

5) ZmjjKK lands an incredible flick with the Operator

Zheng "ZmjjKK" Yongkang is undeniably the main character of VCT Masters Tokyo 2023. The Chinese hotshot has won over the Valorant world with his inspiring demeanor and exceptional gameplay. ZmjjKK has established his presence as one of the best Operator players in the world, and this shot on Paper Rex's Aaron "mindfreak" Leonhart is enough proof of that statement holding truth.


The end of VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs Day 5 saw NRG, and Paper Rex advance further in the lower bracket, where they will face each other in a best-of-three elimination series. The winner of this matchup will play against the loser of the upper bracket finals matchup featuring Fnatic and Evil Geniuses.

Schedule for Day 6

Valorant esports fans worldwide can tune into the official Valorant Twitch and YouTube channels to watch the matches on Day 6 of the VCT Masters Tokyo 2023 Playoffs. The schedule is as follows:

  • Fnatic vs. Evil Geniuses - Wednesday, June 21 - 8:30 am IST / 5:00 am CEST / 8:00 pm PDT (Tuesday, June 20).
  • NRG vs. Paper Rex - Wednesday, June 21 - 11:30 am IST / 8:00 am CEST / 11:00 pm PDT (Tuesday, June 20).

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Edited by Ashmita Bhatt
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