"We are definitely still working on new maps": Riot designers discuss future of Valorant maps in Reddit AMA  

Map designers at Riot Games addressed possible upcoming features during Reddit AMA (Image via Sportskeeda)
Map designers at Riot Games addressed possible upcoming features during Reddit AMA (Image via Sportskeeda)

In a recent AMA discussion on Reddit, a few Valorant designers shed light on Riot Games' plans for developing the game's map pool.

During the hour-long ask-me-anything (AMA) session, Level Designers - Joe Lansford and Joey Simas - and Lead Environment Artist George Sokol answered several queries from the Valorant community on Reddit regarding the upcoming in-game changes related to map design.

Riot Games are still working on the eighth map for Valorant. Without exposing their roadmap, the designers delved into possible ideas for upcoming maps while discussing their inspirations for the ones that form the current map-pool.

"Maybe though, but top secret for now": Riot Games designers mention mirror maps among new ideas for upcoming Valorant maps

One of the most popular queries put forward by the r/Valorant community to map designers was regarding the possibility of a map from Mirror Earth. The question has its roots in the game's lore, which considers Mirror Earth an alternate universe that sends Agents to Earth-1 to steal their Radianite.

Joe Lansford, a Level Designer at Riot Games answered,

"Mirror maps like in Mario Kart. Break everyone's brain a little heh. Maybe though, but top secret for now. "

The idea presented by the designer was received positively, as several enthusiasts followed up with similar concepts. A member of the community suggested the inclusion of day/night time maps or maps that feature holiday-themed changes.

George Sokol, Lead Environment Artist replied,

"As far as night time maps goes, maybe someday? Artists always love making stuff at night time, but its a tricky balancing act to make a map look like night but also have enough clear visibility for gameplay."

This gave birth to several new ideas such as flashlights on guns, night-vision-inducing abilities, dawn/twilight themed maps, and many more interesting concepts that may appeal to the Valorant playerbase.

Riot Games' Level Designers analyze layout and structure of maps

In response to a question put forward by a user, Joe Lansford and Joey Simas discussed various factors such as layout and theme, which correspond to the design of maps in the game.

Each of the seven maps in Valorant have unique features that dictate the pace and tone of gameplay. From one-way teleporters on Bind to ziplines on Fracture, these in-game structures add an element of fun while opening up space for strategising.

Riot Games designers talked about the possibility of similar features being included in upcoming maps.

Valorant community enquires about the lineup potential of maps

Several participants of the AMA session on Reddit were curious to know the designers' take on including convenient in-game structures to suit various lineup plays. One member asked,

"Do you purposely adjust objects outside of the map for lineups? Or just rely on pure luck for them to be found"

As Joey Simas responds,

"A lot of line ups are found after a map goes from design blocks over to art. Sometimes they are more intentionally built into the map. So a bit of both! The hole in Fracture's roof is a good example of a space where we wanted line up potential"

While Haven currently exists as the only map with three bomb sites, one interested gamer enquired about the possibility of the introduction of another map of a similar nature.

Without giving away much, Joe Lansford says it is definitely on the table.

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