When does Harbor release in Valorant this week for Mumbai (India) server?

Riot Games are ready to introduce Harbor to Mumbai servers this week (Image via Sportskeeda)
Riot Games is ready to introduce Harbor to Mumbai servers this week (Image via Sportskeeda)

Valorant will introduce a new Controller to its roster in the next few days. Harbor is all set to make his entry into the shooter with Episode 5 Act 3. After a long wait, Riot Games have finally released all the details about the Indian Agent who will be the fifth Controller.

We’re crashing in with a new playlist. This time focused on our new Indian Controller Agent, Harbor.

Varun Batra, the upcoming Agent in Valorant, has fans excited due to the character’s popularity on the Indian servers. Mumbai (Indian) server players are extremely hyped to see the Agent in full glory, as the new Act is just a few days away from release.

The ongoing Episode 5 Act 2 is coming to an end this week, and with its completion, Riot Games will be introducing Harbor in the final Act of this Episode. Act 3 will be a deserving ending to Episode 5: Dimensions with the entrance of the new Agent.

When will Varun Batra (Harbor) appear in Valorant for the Mumbai server?

According to Riot Games patches, Episode 5 Act 2 will leave the servers on October 17 (PDT). Act 3 for Episode 5 is expected to begin on October 18 (PDT).


Mumbai (Indian) server players can expect patch 5.08 to deploy on October 19 at around 2:30 AM, as the other Asian servers will receive the patch on October 18 (14:00 PDT).

Players can expect mandatory maintenance before the patch is deployed on the servers. As always, the devs will schedule a downtime before the launch of the new Act. Once patch 5.08 is deployed, players will be able to download the new update through the Riot client, which will launch the game.

Riot Games has released plenty of content regarding Harbor. Fans have grasped Varun Batra's abilities through many content creators' videos across social media platforms. The Controller is not the only addition Riot has planned for the next Act.


After the deployment of patch 5.08, Mumbai (Indian) players and the rest of the region will also enjoy the Battlepass for Episode 5 Act 3. The upcoming Battlepass will feature three beautiful skinlines: the Iridian Thorn, Rune Stone, and Starlit Odyssey.

After a year's wait, Harbor will be the fifth Controller added to Valorant. The Agent is expected to change the class' meta, as Riot Games has previously mentioned in its State of the Game article released a few months back. Now that Harbor is finally making his appearance, fans are excited to see how the Agent synergizes with the other classes in Valorant.

Harbor possesses various abilities that can surpass the current Controllers in the game. With that being said, it is also seen that a few of his abilities can prove to be somewhat situational. Harbor's addition to the game can genuinely prove to be a change for the game in a good way.

The current Controller meta in Valorant promotes the class' players to be relatively passive and mindful of their actions. Harbor has the potential to change that trend with his many aggressive abilities that truly shine on the attacking side.

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