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10 best back-stabbings in WWE history

Sammy Sheeran
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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 07:24 IST


There is always a plan B

The industry of professional wrestling relies heavily on great characters and just as importantly, storylines. What kinds of storylines are used to keep interest in the fans? A good backstabbing story. In life, everyone will be betrayed by friends, family members, and so many other people. Which is why, when backstabs happen in wrestling, fans can relate it to them.

We’ve seen countless Hall of Famers, future Hall of Famers and the average joe wrestler do the unthinkable. Some of the greatest moments in the history of WWE have featured some of the most shocking backstabs.

So here are 10 major backstabbing’s that shocked the WWE fan base to its core.

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Published 01 Jul 2016, 19:35 IST
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