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10 Best factions in pro wrestling today

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The New Day has been atop the WWE for the last year
The New Day has been atop the WWE for the last year

Back during the Attitude Era and the Monday Night Wars, there was a plethora of factions in both WWF/WWE and WCW. There were many memorable groups like D-Generation X, the Ministry, the NWO, the Hart Foundation, the Nation of Domination and the Triple Threat. While the success of each group varied greatly, the fact still remains that those groups often either ruled their respective promotions at one point or catapulted one or two members to Superstardom.

In today's WWE, there aren't many factions on the main roster. While even four years ago we primarily had the the Shield and the Wyatt Family, now we have the OC and the New Day. The days of managers and several factions are long gone but both could help the WWE and any other promotion.

There are many promotions throughout the world but not every promotion can boast having a great faction. While the OC just reformed and all recently held gold, the Good Brothers have already lost the titles. So do they still belong in the conversation of one of the ten best factions in the game today?

#10 Major League Wrestling - Contra Unit

The global dealers of violence have run roughshod through MLW
The global dealers of violence have run roughshod through MLW

The 'heeliest' of the heels, Contra Unit formed earlier this year but has already attacked practically everyone in Major League Wrestling. While Simon Gotch has been with the promotion and is known to most audiences due to his time in WWE as a Vaudevillian, the other two members aren't as well known. That was until Jacob Fatu showed the world what he could do.

Josef Samael, the one holding the cigar in the picture, is perfectly fine in his role, but this group is clearly a vehicle to push Fatu to the top. It's already happened. After targeting then MLW Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor, Fatu beat the Champ in under ten minutes and currently holds the title.

He's a shorter, stouter version of guys like the Usos and Roman Reigns, but he's a high-flyer like the Usos. Fatu jumps all over the ring and and his moonsault is more effective due to his size. While most groups talk about taking over their promotions, Contra Unit has done just that as the "Global Dealers of Violence".

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