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10 Botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from WWE Raw Nov 21st, 2016

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Goldberg won’t be happy with one of the chants aimed at him

WWE wants Survivor Series weekend elevated back up to the status of Big 4, which can be great but it also can be exhausting. By the time Raw rolls around on Monday night, it’s hard to look forward to yet another 3 hours of programming. Thankfully, Raw had a ton of good stuff this week so it was a mostly enjoyable experience. From Goldberg’s Royal Rumble announcement to a wild brawl in the main event, it wasn’t a bad night of wrestling at all.

Even though there was plenty of good, there was also the not so good. That’s where this article comes in. Using the power of the .gif, the mistakes and the downright strange moments from WWE Raw will rehashed and counted down. When the storylines have glaring plot holes, when certain Ravishing Russians forget which country she’s currently standing in, and when the Certified G's walk around backstage with their cannolis on full display, those moments need called out. Who knows, maybe we can even learn from some of these?

So put on your pants and stop harassing Rusev’s wife as we dive into 10 botches, slip ups, and outrageous moments from the Nov 21st edition of Monday Night Raw.

10. You screwed Bret!

Come on Toronto, that’s just harsh. Yes, Bill Goldberg gave Bret Hart that stiff kick back in their WCW days that essentially ended his career, but you’ve been so nice to Bill up to this point. 

This was just a smattering of fans trying to start this chant and not the entire arena. By the time Goldberg announced that he’d be in the Royal Rumble, everyone was back on the bandwagon again.

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